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Kritika Kultura and the Department of English

invite you to a lecture by



Friday, 19 January 2007, 4:30-6:00pm
SEC Lec 3
Ateneo de Manila University

Reflections on the nature of the Filipino soap opera can lead to valuable
insights on the Filipino television mass audience.

While the soap opera is primarily a means of entertainment and profit,
some would ask how it could be made it an instrument of liberation and
empowerment. The more significant question, however, should be how the
structures of society could be transformed such that people have better
education, job security, and purchasing power. Only then would the
Filipino television audience want a form of entertainment different from
what proliferates nowadays.

Jose Ma. "Jobart" Bartolome is the Head of Program Analysis at GMA
Network, Inc.'s Office of the President. Before joining media full-time,
he was a faculty member at the University of the Philippines' Department
of Psychology. He has written scripts for sitcoms such as Home Along da
Riles, Buddy & Sol, and Ober da Bakod and movies starring Fernando Poe
Jr. and Dolphy. He is also the lyricist of the theme songs of TV shows
like Oki Doki Dok, Unang Hirit, Idol ko si Kap, Wansapanataym, and Wish
Ko Lang.

Kritika Kultura can be accessed online at www.ateneo.edu/kritikakultura.

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