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Wed Jan 10 12:41:58 PHT 2007

                   The Ateneo de Manila University and
                         The Ateneo Art Gallery

                           in association with

                The Philippines-Australia Studies Centre
                           La Trobe University

                   warmly invite you to the preview of

                              Neil Fettling
                            N O O S P H E R E

                           An "Engage" exhibition
                            forming part of the
                    2006-09 Ateneo-La Trobe Arts Linkage

                              To be opened by
                               Mr Pablo Kang
                      Deputy Ambassador and Counselor
                         Australian Embassy, Manila

                               HE Tony Hely
                 Ambassador of Australia to the Philippibes

              on Thursday, 11 January 2006 at six in the evening
                Ateneo Art Gallery, Ground Floor, Rizal Library
            Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

                        Cocktail reception follows

                  Exhibition runs through 31 January 2006

                      RSVP: Yolly/Joel + 632.426.6488


The notion that contemporary art is borderless posits the absence of
territories of the imagination. This is perhaps most evocatively
illustrated by the genre of the landscape.

More than a metaphor for view, space, and place, the landscape is also, in
a more profound sense, a synthesis of all of these ideas -- a conception
of order signifying the manner in which the artist perceives reality, and
stakes his place in it.

It is with this in mind that the Ateneo Art Gallery welcomes the second
exhibition in the Gallery's "Engage" program. "Engage" was initiated in
2005 when Rev. Bienvenido F. Nebres, SJ, President of the Ateneo de
Manila University, proposed that the Gallery embark upon a program that
would show the work of significant artists from overseas in the context
of the museum's permanent collection of modern Philippine art. That year,
an astonishing array of paintings from Romania was exhibited alongside
works by local artists whose imagery and themes drew many parallels that
could be traced to shared art historical source.

The project, in effect, helped to bridge the gap between two distinct
cultures by transgressing boundaries heretofore imagined.

"Noosphere" comes to the Ateneo as part of the 2006-09 Ateneo-La Trobe
Arts Linkages initiated by the Philippines-Australia Studies Centre at La
Trobe University, Victoria, Australia and the Ateneo Art Gallery, with
support from the Office of the Academic Vice President, The Office of
International Programs, and the Fine Arts Program, The Loyola Schools,
Ateneo de Manila University. This series of photographs by Neil Fettling,
Coordinator for Visual Art and Design at La Trobe University-Mildura,
presents a stunning series of photographs of the vast interior of
Australia -- a  desolate, largely unpopulated space marked by parched
riverbeds, sandy dunes, and stark fissures on ancient monoliths. Amidst
this backdrop, the artist has constructed an imagined landscape where
humans appear to encroach.

Fettling's work engages on many levels with the imagery of two artists
represented in Ateneo's permanent collection: the late pioneering
expatriate Filipino modernist Nena Saguil, whose mindscapes transpose her
journey from the material world to the spiritual; and the
sculptor/installation artist Junyee, who simulates primordial
topographies.  As the site of Aboriginal histories with its allusions to
dreamtime, a trip to the Australian outback is both a confrontation of
stark reality and a metaphysical experience. Where vastness and sheer
presence meet emptiness and absence, the balance between intervention and
interference, in the artist's minds-eye, continues to be negotiated.

The Gallery and the University commend Neil Fettling for his outstanding
work; and for his generous contribution to the Ateneo Fine Arts Program
as Visiting Professor attached to the Art Management track, where he
delivered the course "Art in Context: Profession and Practice."
Fettling's students worked on the preparation and installation of
"Noosphere" -- a most rewarding opportunity to work with a leading
artist, curator and arts manager in a museum setting.

Special thanks to Dr. Trevor Hogan, Director of the Philippines-Australia
Studies Centre for his unstinting work and unflagging enthusiasm in
furthering the Arts Linkage between Ateneo and La Trobe.
This is the first of many opportunities for collaboration, as both
universities look forward to the exhibition "My Country: Abstract
Interpretations of the Australian Landscape" from the La Trobe University
Art Museum collection planned for middle of this year, which will be the
basis for the biannual Thesis Eleven symposium; and the extension of the
Ateneo Art Gallery Studio Residency Grant (given to one among the three
artists selected for the 2007 Ateneo Art Awards) to the La Trobe
University Visual Arts Centre (View Street Gallery) in Bendigo, Victoria.
A return exhibition to La Trobe from the Ateneo Art Gallery collection is
scheduled in 2009, as part of the Ateneo de Manila's sesquicentennial

The valuable assistance of Dr. Antonette Palma-Angeles, Academic Vice
President; and Fr. Rene Javellana, SJ, Director, Fine Arts Program, The
Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University is also gratefully

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