[Blueboard] 8th Raul L. Locsin Awards for Student Journalism

Randy Jay C. Solis rsolis at ateneo.edu
Mon Jan 8 17:34:31 PHT 2007

8th Raul L. Locsin Awards for Student Journalism

These awards honor the outstanding contributions of all campus journalists
to both journalism in the Ateneo and Philippine campus journalism as a
whole. They celebrate the efforts of student journalists to keep alive
the tradition of fearless, compelling writing that has been the hallmark
of journalism in the Ateneo.

These awards aim to improve campus journalism and encourage outstanding
campus journalists to pursue a career in journalism beyond the Ateneo. It
is but fitting that the campus journalism awards are named after Ateneo
alumnus Raul L. Locisn, founder of BusinessWorld and the first Filipino
to receive the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Journalism. The Raul L. Locsin
Awards, a project of the Department of Communication, recognize the best
campus journalists emerging from the Loyola Schools.

Award Categories

1.	News -- records a significant event that has an impact on the lives of
2.	Features -- writing to entertain or inform with emphasis on
3.	Opinion -- provides information that leads to critical thought and
sound judgment
4.	Investigative journalism - uncovers, with the use of investigative
techniques, information that others want to remain secret; exposes
wrongdoing, neglect or systems failure, and exacts accountability from
those in positions of power and responsibility
5.	Explanatory Journalism -- explains or clarifies significant and complex
6.	Photojournalism -- captures in photographs human interest or hard news


1.	Award Criteria
Entries will be judged according to the criteria set for each award

2.	Eligibility
All undergraduate students whose written work (news, features or opinion
in Filipino or English) or photos have appeared in student publications
printed with regular frequency and circulated in the university.

3.	Selection Process
a.	all undergraduate campus journalists may vie for the awards. Entry
forms may be obtained from the secretary's office at the Department of
Communication. Deadline for the submission of entries is 500PM, January
26, 2007.
b.	Contenders may submit up to three entries only for each category they
want to vie for. Five copies of each entry should be made, one copy for
each judge. The entries should have seen print in campus publications
from January to December 2006. Entries should represent only the best
work for the chosen category or categories that contenders have chosen to
vie for.
c.	For the news category, only entries with a minimum of eight paragraphs
may be accepted.
d.	Contenders should submit one accompanying essay of not more than 400
words explaining their choice/s of entries. The submitted essay should be
printed on short bond paper, double space between paragraphs. The essay
could explain why the stories submitted are memorable and include
insights about journalism while working on these stories.

4.	A board of judges will examine the entries and determine winners for
each category.
The Board will be composed of at least three journalists or journalism
educators affiliated with the university. They will be selected by the
Chair of the Department of Communication or his/her representative. The
Board may invite a resource person to provide additional information
during its deliberations. The decision of the Board, with the
confirmation of the Chair, is final.

5.	Awards Ceremony
The awardees will receive a plaque and a citation during a ceremony on
March 2007.

Randy Jay C. Solis
Department of Communication
Ateneo de Manila University
426-6001 loc. 5213

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