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Monday, 8 January 2007

COMMUNICATION:  The earthquake in Taiwan last 28 December 2006 affected the underwater fiber optic cables and slowed down Internet transmission for a few days.  Cellular phones on roaming mode were also cut off and had no signals till 2 January 2007.  Ongoing repairs have restored communications. 


WATER:  The 3rd quarter potability test results were released in a report dated 19 December 2006 by the School of Science and Engineering Biology Department.  The report states:  


"All 39 samples collected from different cisterns and overhead tanks in the Ateneo campuses in Katipunan and Rockwell conform to the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW) with regard to coliform bacteria.  However, two (2) samples were found to contain non-coliform bacteria as observed in the turbidity of samples after the confirmatory test.  The water samples were collected from ROCKWELL OH-1 and ROCKWELL CISTERN.  It is therefore recommended that the said overhead and cistern be cleaned AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as the turbidity could be an indication of incipient growth of disease-causing microorganism which could pose a possible threat to public health."  


SECURITY:   Two notorious thieves responsible for many losses on campus were apprehended on 13 and 18 December 2006.   The first was apprehended after he was seen by an undercover guard opening an unattended student's bag at Kostka Hall.  The suspect, Rommel T. Solante was brought to the security office.  He admitted to being jailed twice for shoplifting in UP Coop and Mercury Drug Store in Tandang Sora.  He also revealed that he was confined in Bicutan Rehabilitation Center from January 2004 to January 2005 due to drug addiction.

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31 years old, married, jobless of Alley 5, Pansol, Balara, Quezon City


Recovered from him was a Jansport bag containing a cellular SIM card, ballpen & cellular phone charger belonging to a Kostka School high school student.  The stolen items were returned to the student, who lost the bag and cellular phone in a computer shop along Katipunan.   The suspect was turned over to Barangay Loyola Heights. 


The second suspect acted suspiciously and attracted the attention of the undercover guard.  He moved from the RMT to Xavier Hall BPI ATM machine and then to the Social Science building.  When approached by the guard, he ran away but was intercepted by other guards at the 2nd floor of Kostka Hall.  He was found wearing the ID of a Cervini dormer who lost his ID a month ago.  The suspect also had in his possession the wallet, ATM card and other items of the Cervini dormer.  The suspect, ALEJANDRO BENZON BUEVO whose picture is shown below, admitted to stealing cellular phones inside the College Chapel, at the SEC area, SOM hallway, and at the SEC foyer.  In addition to cellular phones, he stole an Apple iPod, bags and a laptop of a High School student at the Blue Eagle Gym.   The iPod was returned to the student.  Later he asked his parents to bring to Ateneo the laptop he stole from a high school student.

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22 years old, single, residing at 141 Dr. Pilapil St., San Miguel, Pasig City


The suspect claimed to have been an account clerk of the Bureau of Fire Protection in Cubao, Quezon City before his alleged current employment in a call center in Greenhills.

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Mr. Benny Abuel Buebo and Mrs. Ruby Camacho Buebo (shown above) brought to the security the laptop of the high school student shown below.

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Other items recovered from the suspect are shown below.  The recovered items were stolen from unattended bags of students over a period of  several months.

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The parents of the high school student opted to file charges against the suspect.  Both suspects are banned on campus.


HONEST GUARDS:  Two guards found an unattended bag on one of the benches at the Grade School lobby at 3:20 yesterday afternoon.  On inspection, the guard found P121,000.00 cash and P25,800.00 in checks.   The bag had a CFC Singles for Christ logo but had no identification of the owner.  The Couples for Christ had used the Grade School Covered Courts yesterday morning.  SG WILFREDO P FLORANO and SG RONALD D ORPEZA turned over the bag to the security office.

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SG WILFREDO P FLORANO on the left with SG RONALD D ORPEZA and the contents of the bag they found on the table.  Both guards are commended for their honesty.

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SSG SEVERINO B BULACAN (in dark shirt), shift-in-charge with desk officer SG GIL M GAMMAD (in white shirt) counting the money found in the bag.


It was only at 7:00 p.m. when the bag owner learned that the bag was missing.  This was after Fr. Bienvenido F. Nebres, S.J. informed a member of CFC that money was found at the Grade School.  


Representatives of the CFC came to recover the bag at 8:15 a.m. this morning at Xavier Hall.  


Carelessness remains the main cause of losses on campus.     


Detachment Excellence Award:  The Ateneo Detachment of Leopard Security and Investigation Agency (LSIA) was awarded the Detachment Excellence Award last 17 December 2006.  The award is in recognition of the detachment's achievements in garnering the most number of commendations for the period November 2005 to November 2006.  LSIA is one of the ten security agencies under the CATS family. 

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Left:  SGS AVELINO R GUZILAN, LSIA Ateneo Detachment Commander holding the Excellence Award trophy.

Middle:  A close-up of the Excellence Award trophy.

Right:  SGS AVELINO R GUZILAN with SSG SEVERINO B BULACAN, Asst. Detachment Commander and Sector Commanders SSG CELSO S AQUINO and SSG GLICERIO C MATEO


The Ateneo LSIA Detachment is commended for a job well done.


MIRIAM-ATENEO FRIENDSHIP BRIDGE:  Miriam College repaired the uneven sidewalk along Katipunan over the Christmas break. 

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TRAFFIC:  A tricycle drop-off point near the Gate 3.5 pedestrian footbridge was considered last 11 December 2006.  This scheme will allow tricycles to ferry passengers to the footbridge without leaving the campus.  The temporary road for tricycles (shown below) was completed last Thursday, 30 December 2006. 

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