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* * * Technology, when misused, poisons air, soil, water and lives. But a world
without technology would be prey to something worse: the impersonal
ruthlessness of the natural order, in which the health of a species depends on
relentless sacrifice of the weak.
                                   - New York Times, editorial, 29 August 1986.

                    The Science and Society Plenary Series
                                   and the
                       School of Science and Engineering

                                 invite you to

                           ENVIRONMENT AND TECHNOLOGY:
                                The Hidden Link

                                 a lecture by

                             Fabian M. Dayrit, PhD
                            Department of Chemistry /
                           Dean, School of Sci and Eng

                             Escaler Lecture Hall
                           Science Education Complex
                             Monday, 8 January 2007
                              830am, 930am, 130pm

" Why does this magnificent applied science which saves work and makes life
easier bring us so little happiness? The simple answer runs: Because we have
not yet learned to make sensible use of it. "
                             - ALBERT EINSTEIN, in an address at Cal Tech, 1931.

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