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                                   2008 - 2009
                             Kokugakuin University
                          Visiting Researcher Program

Toward the promotion of international academic communication and exchange, and 
in hopes of stimulating the development of research and education both in Japan 
and abroad, Kokugakuin University administers a program of support for visiting 
scholars wishing to pursue research in fields related to Japanese culture. 
Applications are invited from foreign scholars and researchers at universities 
and research institutions outside Japan, who wish to undertake research at 
Kokugakuin under the guidelines of the gVisiting Researcher Program.h

1. Qualifications

A. Applicant must be scholars or researchers engaged in professional research 
in a field dealing broadly with Japanese culture.

B. It is anticipated that successful applicants will be between 30 and about 55 
years of age.

C. Applicants should possess sufficient command of the Japanese or English 
languages to facilitate everyday communication and life in Japan. Applicants 
without previous or adequate Japanese language ability may be required to take 
courses in Japanese language during their stay, as a means of deepening their 
understanding of Japanese culture.

D. Applicants may not hold a fellowship from another institution during the 
period of their Kokugakuin grant.

2. Applicable Countries & Regions, and Academic Specialties

Applicants may be nationals from any country or region outside Japan (Japanese 
citizens may not apply) engaged in any professional academic discipline; the 
selection committee may make special consideration to avoid the over-
representation of any single region or discipline. The selected research topic 
should be in a field for which Kokugakuin faculties are available to provide 
appropriate assistance and advice. If possible, applicants should note on their 
application the name of specific Kokugakuin faculty members related to their 
proposed research topic.

3D Annual Quota

No specific quota of visiting scholars is established, but it is expected that 
a few persons will be selected each year of the program.

4. Period of Research

The period of visiting research will be approved for between six and twelve 
months between April 1, 2008 and March 31, 2009 as indicated on the 
individualfs application and research proposal. 

In principle, no change in the period of research will be permitted once the 
applicant begins his or her research at Kokugakuin. 

5. Stipend and Expenses

‡@ Round-trip air travel from the applicantfs home country to Japan (economy 
class), payment to be effected by one of the following methods:

A. Following selection and approval of the applicantfs plan of research, 
Kokugakuin will deposit the amount of the ticket (in the applicantfs home 
currency), forwarded to the applicantfs designated bank account.

B. Alternately, a Prepaid Ticket Advance may be utilized. In this case, 
Kokugakuin will make arrangement for purchase of the travel ticket, and the 
applicant will take possession of the ticket at a travel agency or airline 
office near his or her home.

‡A Visiting researchers will each be paid a monthly living stipend of Y150,000 
during the period of their stay in Japan (fractions of full months will be paid 
on a per diem basis, (Y5,000 per day).

‡B A one-time research stipend (maximum Y100,000) will be paid for use in 
purchasing books and materials, and for research-related travel while in Japan.

‡C Each Visiting researchers will be provided with a private guest room in 
Kokugakuin International Exchange Center for the duration of their stay in 
Tokyo (the school will pay with heating and light expenses, together with the 
basic telephone service charge; telephone calls are billed individually, and 
must be paid for by the user).

‡D@The premium for National Health Insurance of Japan (NHI) will be paid by 
Kokugakuin. 80 % of the medical expense billed to the researchers will be 
reimbursed by Kokugakuin if the treatment was covered by NHI.

(The researcher may be levied taxes on the stipend aforementioned based on 
Japanese laws.)

6. Information Regarding Faculty and Application Procedures

Information regarding Kokugakuin faculty and programs may be viewed on the 
Kokugakuin webpage at the following URL:



+For further information regarding Kokugakuin faculty members, please contact 
Kokugakuin's International Exchange Program.

+Application forms can be downloaded from the Kokugakuin's website, but must be 
submitted via ordinary mail.

For Applications or Further Information, Contact:

International Exchange Programs, Kokugakuin University
4-10-28 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8840 Japan
TEL +81-3-5778-7061   FAX +81-3-5778-7062
Attention: Nobukatsu Shimoyama, Director(simoyama at kokugakuin.ac.jp)
           Akihiko Ishiyama (ishiyama at kokugakuin.ac.jp)

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Japanese Studies Program
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