[Blueboard] Seminar on the 'Economy of Communion'

ptuano at ateneo.edu ptuano at ateneo.edu
Wed Aug 29 18:05:11 PHT 2007

We would like to invite you to a seminar for our Economics 177: Theory and
Practice of Social Development classes. We have invited Ms. Teresa
Ganzon, managing director of the Bangko Kabayan (Rural Bank of Ibaan,
Batangas), and Ms. Fides Ganzon, one of our former students (MEco batch
2005) and now a project officer of the Bangko Kabayan Foundation, to talk
on the business/economic practice called the 'Economy of Communion.'

According to the 'Economy of Communion' website
(http://www.edc-online.org/), this practice "involves businesses on five
continents. The business owners who participate in the project, freely
choose to share their business profits according to three purposes of
equal importance. They are: first, to help people in need - creating new
jobs and intervening to meet their immediate needs beginning with those
who share in the spirit that animates the 'Economy of Communion'; second,
spread the "Culture of Giving" and of loving - indispensable and necessary
values for an Economy of Communion; and, third, grow the business - which
has to remain efficient while remaining open to giving."

If you're interested, we hope that you can attend the seminar which will
be held on Friday, August 31, 4:30 to 6:00 p. m. We have tentatively
reserved the Social Sciences Faculty and Staff Lounge, but we
might move it to a larger venue if more faculty and students would be
interested to attend.

Thanks and see you!

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