[Blueboard] THANK YOU!

personnel at admu.edu.ph personnel at admu.edu.ph
Wed Aug 29 14:33:47 PHT 2007

To all SAP Plan Members: Thank you from all the recipients of the Sickness Aid 
Plan, a debt of gratitude to their co-employees for helping them out in their 
time of need.  

This plan was conceptualized and is funded by your co-employees.  Plan members 
are able to help out other plan members who are afflicted with a dreaded 
disease or who are confined at the ICU.

If you want to join and help out co-employees, only an initial contribution of 
PHP200.00 is required.  Replenishment of PHP100.00 through salary deduction 
happens only when there are fund disbursements.

When an employee/plan member is afflicted with a dreaded disease or is confined

in the ICU and incurs medical/hospital expenses over the University 
medical/hospitalization benefit of P100,000.00, all plan members contribute 
P100.00 each to help out their co-employee.

And when you least expect it and need it most, you might be a recipient of this

generous assistance from your co-employees/plan members.


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