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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The Situation Report of 21 August 2007, with relevant photos, is posted at 

 It may also be downloaded as a Word file from http://www.ateneo.edu/upp/sitrep_doc/Sitrep_210807.doc


POWER:  The Leong Hall will be connected to the Katipunan grid.  This will require an extended power outage in the Katipunan grid Sunday 26 August and Monday 27 August from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on both days.  Affected facilities are:


Loyola Schools:         Social Science, De la Costa, Faura, Schmitt Hall, SEC complex, PLDT-CTC, JGSOM, SOM Mall, Mateo Ricci, Gonzaga, Berchmans, Kostka, Xavier, MIS, PABX, MVP, Rizal Library Main and Annex and Bellarmine.

Auxiliary Units:            SDC Complex and Gesu.

Affiliated Units:            PIPAC, ISO, Hoeffner, EAPI and JR. 


COMMUNICATION:  Lightning and a thunderstorm early Saturday morning, 18 August damaged four single line cards of the PABX, disconnecting 33 local lines, including the security office.  University Physical Plant personnel replaced the damaged cards and restored communication by 10:00 a.m. of the same day.


WATER:  The Loyola Schools Biology Department is investigating the problem of the High School MST cistern.  Results will be announced in a month's time.


TRAFFIC:  Heavy rains last Wednesday, 8 August flooded sections of Katipunan.  Flooding was due to large volume of rainfall and plastic bags that repeatedly block road drainage.
  a.. Southbound lane (to the flyover) of Katipunan before the Gate 2.5 footbridge. 
  b.. Northbound lane (to UP) before the Gate 2.5 footbridge. 
  c.. Northbound lane between the footbridge and Gate 2.5. 
  d.. Flooded area under the footbridge. 
  e.. Flooded football field near Gate 2. 
Following SOP, University Physical Plant personnel checked the drainage outlets and continuously removed plastic bags that blocked the flow of water until the flood subsided.  Northbound motorists were also allowed to pass through the diversion road (parallel to Katipunan from Gate 2 to Gate 3) to ease traffic build-up on Katipunan. 


Saturday, 18 August Katipunan Accident:  A 2nd year BS Management student was injured in an accident around 4:00 a.m. last Saturday, 18 August at the foot of the northbound lane of the flyover.  The student's car was bumped by a van.  While waiting for the tow truck to move his car, the student's car was bumped by one of two passenger jeepneys racing with each other.  The student was hit by his own car.

The unidentified tow truck crew is commended for:  


  1.. Taking the seriously injured victim immediately to the Quirino Memorial Hospital for medical attention.  
  2.. Pursuing the two jeepneys from the scene of the accident up to the Xanland building near Gate 3 where the jeepneys where abandoned. 
  3.. Chasing and apprehending the escaping hit-and-run drivers.

Sunday, 19 August Katipunan Accident:  A northbound SUV was bumped by a speeding sedan under the Gate 2.5 footbridge past midnight of Saturday, 18 August.  The sedan overtook another vehicle at the narrow section of Katipunan and smashed into the SUV.

The SUV proved sturdier than the sedan.  Nobody was injured.  This is another case of reckless and irresponsible driving along Katipunan late at night and early in the morning.  The community is cautioned to drive defensively during this risk-intensive time.


PARKING:  Patching of potholes in carparks is being done continuously.  However, heavy rain damages the work already done in carparks.

TRASH COLLECTION:  The Grade School is commended for substantially reducing their trash by requiring students to bring their food containers rather than use Styrofoam food containers from the cafeteria. 


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