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The Ateneo Center for Organization Research and Development 

invites you to join the certificate course in

Strategic Training and Development

on September 18-21 and 24-28 , 2007


This nine-day course is aimed at developing the competencies of HR
professionals and managers in designing, facilitating, administering, and
evaluating training in their organization.


Outputs/ Activities

At the end of the program, participants are expected to:

1.     Develop a strategic training and development plan.

2.     Develop a training program design and evaluation plan.

3.     Display effective presentation and facilitation skills.

4.     Conduct process observation analysis.



Modular Description

Module I:  Trainer as a Strategic Thinker

This introductory module presents a framework for Strategic Training and
Development starting off with revisiting company mission, vision and
strategies. Participants will be equipped with tools in organization
diagnosis and know-how in identifying competencies. These skills will be
used in pinpointing problem areas in their organization and prioritizing

Module II:  Training and Development Needs Analysis  

Learners will be taught skills in depicting training and development needs
of employees through several data gathering methods. Participants are
expected to come up with a training and development needs plan for their
organization at the end of this module.   

Module III:  Presentation Skills 

Participants will be exposed to guidelines and skills in carrying out an
effective presentation. In this segment, learners will get a hands-on
experience in delivering actual presentations. Participants will also be
taught the development and use of visual aids.    

Module IV:  Facilitation Skills 

This module focuses on the role of trainers as facilitators of learning and
change. Participants will be presented with the knowledge on learning
styles, active listening and feedback giving. Skills in facilitating focus
group discussions, structured learning experiences and running meetings will
be harnessed through simulations. At the end of the module, participants are
expected to facilitate a particular group activity.

Module V:  Program Design 

This module presents participants with knowledge in adult learning
methodologies and focuses on the actual designing of the specific training
intervention to address the training needs of an employee or group.
Participants, in this segment, will be oriented on the proper construction
of training objectives and the designing of the program content. An array of
methodologies and aids will also be presented to assist participants in
constructing their own training program.  


Module VI:  Training Administration 

An important aspect of training is taking care of logistics and ensuring the
smooth flow of the program. This module deals with the how-to's of training
administration. Tips on the pros and cons of the different room set-ups,
proper coordination and preparation of pre-workshop materials will be taught
through interactive exercises.  

Module VII:  Evaluation 

Evaluation is essential in getting feedback on how the intervention helped
or hindered the employee in achieving their objectives. This module will
familiarize the participants with Kirkpatrick's 4 levels of evaluation and
will equip learners with the skills in designing their own training


Individual Presentations on the Last Day






Walter Hogan Conference Center, Ateneo de Manila University



Course Investment

P30,000 per participant inclusive of meals and materials for the whole


Organization Analysis provides a bird's-eye view of needs of the entire

It does not tell us how to implement development within the organization!

What do you need to do?

*      Identify the gaps between desired and actual competencies

*      Carry out a Training & Development needs analysis (TDNA) to
PRIORITIZE who needs training. 

TDNA seeks to answer the questions.

o       Does management view training as an integral part of organization
philosophy and culture?

o       Is training viewed as an integral part of human resource management?

o       Does training support present and future organizational strategy and

o       Does the organization plan training in the light of both individual
and organizational needs?

To learn more about aligning your training and development to your
organization's mission and vision, register before September 3 and avail of
the early bird discount!


Contact us at (632) 4265931 or 4266065 or email:
ateneocord at admu.edu.ph 

for details and information.

Hope to see you soon!


Ateneo Center for Organization Research and Development (CORD)
2/F Hoffner Building, Social Development Complex, Ateneo de Manila
University, Katipunan, QC
Tel 426-5931 / 426-6282 / 426-6001 loc 5263
Fax 426-6065
Email ateneocord at admu.edu.ph
Please visit our website at http://cord.ateneo.edu/

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