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Wed Aug 15 09:00:43 PHT 2007

                             Today is the
           Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

                         There will be a Mass
               at the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception
                      of the Church of the Gesù

                       August 15, 2007, Wednesday
                             at 6:00 PM.

                        Presider: Fr. Rudy Fernandez, SJ

                        Everyone is invited!

  Hymn of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Alleluia! O Mother who gave Life to us, petition on our behalf the Son who
appeared from you: may he remove from us the blows of punishment, and keep away

divisions and disputes. May he lead us in the path of life in which we journey
at all times. On your memorial day, we sing praise to your only Son.
Alleluia! Blessed are you, O Mary, for God, who feeds all creatures, was
nourished by you and rested on your breast. O Wonder! The Son of God was
nourished by a human creature! He assumed what is ours and gave us what is his.

On his mother's memorial let us proclaim: Glory to you, O Lord.

Alleluia! As dew was falling gently over the city of Ephesus Saint John wrote
to its people. He instructed them to celebrate the memory of the Blessed Mary,
three times each year: In January, during the time of planting of the seeds; in

May, during the time of harvest; and in August, during the time of the grapes.
For the mysteries of life are prefigured in these months.

Alleluia! On your memorial day, O Blessed Mary, angels and mortals are
overwhelmed with joy. The dead rejoice in their tombs because of the glory in
creation. God will bless those who celebrate your memory with faith and pour
his mercy upon them.

Alleluia! Who is to see a new ship sustaining the One who is mighty; the One
who sustains and rules all creation. Mary bore him, yet he bears all creation.
He nourishes all living creatures, yet she nourished him with her milk. He is
the Maker of all infants, yet he dwelt, as an infant, in her womb. The fiery
beings in the heights sing hymns of praise to him! Alleluia!

(Maronite Catholic Hymn for the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
Mary taken from the Book of Offering, Maronite Catholic Church.)

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