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Tue Apr 3 15:44:55 PHT 2007

When you become a member of the Sickness Aid Plan conceptualized and funded by 
your co-employees, you are able help out your co-employee/co-members who are 
afflicted with a dreaded disease or who are confined at the ICU.

Only an initial contribution of PHP200.00 is required.  Replenishment of 
PHP100.00 through salary deduction happens only when there are fund 

When an employee/plan member is afflicted with a dreaded disease or is 
confined in the ICU and incurs medical/hospital expenses over the University 
medical/hospitalization benefit of P100,000.00, all plan members contribute 
P100.00 each (advanced through the fund - initial contribution) to help out 
their co-employee.

please click/find “SAP Enrollment Form” by clicking on the web link below:


Sixth Recipient of Sickness Aid

The Sixth recipient of financial assistance under the Sickness Aid Plan 
received PHP62,100.00 after being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and 
confined for eleven days at the Medical City after being afflicted with 

Currently, there are 621 members under the plan and each member contributes 
P100.00 when a co-member is afflicted with a dreaded disease or is confined at 
the ICU.  

A deduction of PHP100.00 from all Active members to replenish the SAP fund 
shall be made on the April 15, 2007, payroll.

Thank you.

Plan members may view a more detailed news version at the web link below:


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