[Blueboard] Payroll Deadlines and Paydays

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Fri Sep 8 09:42:02 PHT 2006

October to December

Below are payroll deadlines and paydays for October to December 2006.  Since
advance pay will be included in the payroll for November and December, please
notify Personnel Office of new adjustments, non-renewal of contracts, leaves
without pay, etc. on or before the deadlines to avoid overpayment or delay in

Payroll matters submitted to the Personnel Office and, thence, to the Central
Accounting Office, beyond the indicated deadlines for a particular payroll
period will be processed for implementation for the succeeding payroll period.


Payroll                        From Units
Period                         to Personnel                 Payday

October 1-15                 Thursday Sept. 21          Wednesday  Oct 11
October 16-31                Monday, Oct. 09            Friday  Oct. 27
November 1-15                Monday, Oct. 23            Monday  Nov. 13
November 16-30*
December 1-15*               Tuesday, Nov. 7            Monday  Nov. 27
December 16-31**             Tuesday, Nov. 21           Wednesday  Dec. 13

*  For release on Nov. 27 paydate: Nov. 16-30 (1/2 mo.)
        plus advance pay for Dec. 1-15 (1/2 mo.)

** For release on Dec. 13 paydate:  advance pay for Dec. 16-31 (1/2 mo.)
        and balance of 2006 13th month pay

Part-time Faculty:
   For release on Dec. 13 paydate:  advance pay for Dec. 16-31 (1/2 mo.)
       and 2006 13th month pay

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