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24 November 2006




                 From Ateneo, Miriam, Residents

Although the Katipunan footbridge appears to be all ready for use, we find
the following as major obstacles:

1. The presence of stalls at the barangay side, which block pedestrians from
use of the wide sidewalk and force them to walk on the street (risky!);

2. The stalls (which according to zoning law should not be located above a
creek)  that could become  a haven for criminal elements to prey on
pedestrians going up or down the lone stairway at that end; and

3.  The very  narrow lone staircase at the barangay side ( which makes for
such an unbalanced,unaesthetic look)  that can cause risky congestion from
pedestrian traffic that comes from the two staircases at the Miriam-Ateneo
WE HAVE WRITTEN the mayor about these obstacles and are still awaiting his
response. (We hear that he has forwarded copies of the letter to departments
concerned, where some footdragging is evident). The signatories of the
letter might soon have to meet with the mayor to ask for a more speedy
response. ( Please read the letter, which I reproduce below.)

More patience, it seems, we must exercise. BUT WE SHALL OVERCOME, RIGHT?



 17 October 2006

Mayor of Quezon City
City Hall, Quezon City

Dear Mayor Belmonte,


In the name of the personnel, students, and administration of Ateneo de
Manila and Miriam College, as well as the residents of the various Loyola
Heights communities, we would like to thank you for the new footbridge along
Katipunan Avenue. It will be a boon to the many who cross that area of the
avenue. We are happy to note that the footbridge is almost complete

 We have heard reports, however, that the footbridge will have only one (1)
narrow staircase at the Barangay Hall side, while the Ateneo/Miriam side
will have two. The plan shown us stakeholders at the City Engineer's Office,
before the bridge construction began, had one staircase (with width
equivalent to the width of the two staircases at the Ateneo-Miriam side)
leading straight into the suitably spacious parking area of the barangay.
That width of the staircase is necessary for the heavy pedestrian traffic we
expect at that part of Katipunan. A narrower staircase will surely result in
a bottleneck at the barangay side, bringing about a risky congested

 A related matter we would like to bring to your attention is the presence
of   "tiangge" stalls at the barangay parking lot--right at the entryway of
the footbridge.  We are very concerned about the safety of pedestrians, as
these stalls were set up in the area reserved for regular pedestrian traffic
at the footbridge. The obstructive stalls will not only force pedestrians to
(unsafely) walk on Katipunan Road itself but also create a haven where
criminal elements can linger, waiting for their "victims" coming down or
going up the footbridge.

 Furthermore, we note with concern that these stalls are located on top of a
creek which, according to the QC Zoning Ordinance No. SP-918, S-2000 can
only be used "in the interest of recreation, navigation, fishing and
salvage," and that "no person shall be allowed to stay in this zone longer
than what is necessary or to build structures of any kind."  Lastly, being
advocates for a clean and healthy environment, we are disturbed by the
possibility of a sanitation problem from the food stalls, which have both
solid and liquid (organic and biological) waste that can easily be dumped
into the creek.  You will therefore understand, Mr. Mayor, why we would be
alarmed by a proposal to the City Council to pass a "special usage permit"
to make the presence of the "tiangge" legal. How can violation of a zoning
ordinance and the posing of potential safety hazards be made legal?

We trust you will give us your time early on to discuss these concerns with

Very truly yours,


*Lee Miralao Cynthia Morales Jonvic Sison  Esther Pacheco*

For Ateneo     For Miriam         For Residents   Coordinator
* *
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