[Blueboard] Poetry Reading and Sharing

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Thu Nov 30 16:28:04 PHT 2006

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"Often he [Ignatius] would step out on a small balcony anf gaze at the
stars; the vastness of the universe would fill him with awe at the work
of the Creator. Diego Lainez described how he would stand there, take off
his hat, and fix his eyes on the sky; after sinking to his knees, he would
sit on a bench without noise or movement as the tears ran down his

                                                John Patrick Donnelly
                                                Ignatius of Loyola

Come and listen to the poetry of the stars! Let the universe speak to our
hearts as we listen to poetry read by Dr. Beni Santos. Join in a
poetry-reading and sharing on December 7 (Thursday), 4:30 - 6:00 p.m. at
the Colayco Hall (Roofdeck) of the MVP Center.

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