[Blueboard] After all the blessings that this school has given me…

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After all the blessings that this school has given me…
Joel Falgui: Teacher, Mentor, Annual Fund Donor
AGS 92, AHS 96, A.B. Psych 2000
True Blue 
Ateneo is where Joel belongs.
>From grade school to college, Joel spent his formative years here
learning from his favorite teachers, Mr. Joni Salvador, Mr. Dondi
Nelasco and Dr. Maria Lourdes Ramos. 
While in Ateneo high school, he found his true calling during Tulong
Dunong where he discovered the joy of teaching public high school
“When I saw what a great difference teachers can make in their students’
lives, I knew that is what I really wanted to do,” he says.
His dream became a reality straight out of college as he started
teaching English in the high school. 
Now, six years later, Joel knows that an Ateneo education is invaluable.

“Everything I know, everything that I am,” he affirms, “I am, because of
the Ateneo.” 
New Eyes
Joel first heard about the Ateneo Annual Fund from during the first AAF
talk to AHS faculty in October 2005. 
Initially, he had his reservations about the Ateneo Annual Fund. 
“I thought that there were so many scholarship funds that already exist
in the Ateneo,” he explains.
“I was afraid that the AAF might take away donations from these other
But when I learned that the AAF was not a scholarship fund, that it
addresses immediate tuition assistance for students, I decided to
support it.”
As the Loyola Book Club faculty moderator, he later discovered that some
boys had to get by on promissory notes to stay in school.
>From this, Joel found that many bright, promising AHS students whose
families are going through tough times. 
Sometimes it is the death of a parent, failed business, and/or the
collapse of pre-need firms that cripples them financially so it becomes
difficult or impossible for them to stay in the Ateneo. 
Joel learned that Ateneo has done much to increase scholarships but the
need has grown faster. 
Further, when a family has serious financial problems, the kids are
deeply affected and grades drop, which sometimes prevents them from
receiving help.
No One Left Behind
Like other Ateneo faculty and staff donors to the AAF, Joel chose to
give in small, regular amounts through monthly salary deductions. 
“Instead of ignoring the need or complaining endlessly about rising
costs and the economy, it’s better to take constructive action. 
The AAF provides a stable, systematic structure for us to be able to
help our boys stay in school,” shares Joel. 
The AAF salary deduction system makes it easier and more convenient for
staff and faculty members in the Ateneo to give. 
“Giving up the equivalent of a can of coke every week is not difficult
at all,” says Joel. 
“If I give in small increments every month, this adds up to a large lump
sump at the end of the year, I do not feel the burn in my finances as
“This is money that might have otherwise gone into buying things that I
don’t really need, when instead it might help sustain the education of a
young boy in the Ateneo.” 
Coming Full Circle
“I want other people to feel what I felt while I was growing up here. 
After all the blessings that this school has given me – a great
education, love, happiness, and fulfillment – it’s only fit that I give
back to it in whatever small way I can.” 
The Ateneo Annual Fund (AAF) ultimate goal is that No One Is Left
As one loving, caring Ateneo community, it is important for us to help
each other during our time of need. 
We have been able to help students in all the units, but the need has
grown faster than the donations! 
Please consider making a small regular gift to the Ateneo Annual Fund,
through cash, check, credit card, or salary deduction in person or
through any University Cashier’s Office. 
Visit HYPERLINK "http://www.ateneo.edu/Giving"www.ateneo.edu/Giving for
We Have All Been So Blessed, Time to Pass the Blessings On. 

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