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                27 November 2006





       FROM   :    THE PRESIDENT





            As is known to all of us, MAXIMO V. SOLIVEN (Ateneo GS ’41, HS ’47, AB ’51) passed away on November 24, 2006 at the age of 77.  His professional career is well known to us.  So allow me simply to recall his Ateneo roots.


            He was Managing Editor of the Ateneo Guidon, Editor-in-Chief of the Ateneo Quarterly and Co-editor-in-Chief of Ateneo Aegis.  He was active in the Campion Literary Guild and the Chesterton Evidence Guild, among many other activities in Ateneo College.


            When the Ateneo de Manila gave him the Ozanam Award in 1970, part of the citation read:


            “The College Editors’ Guild chose him as its ‘Most Outstanding Alumnus in Journalism’ twice, once in 1958 and then again during its Pearl Anniversary in 1961.  Mr. Soliven was granted the TOYM award for Journalism in 1960 and the Rotary Award in 1969 as Columnist of the Year.


            In honoring Mr. Soliven, the Ateneo selects one of her own alumni who has risen to distinction in his chosen profession.  Today, when the young are questioning the sincerity of their elders, Mr. Soliven, despite strong pressures, has remained true to the principles of Justice and Charity symbolized by the Ozanam award.


            At a time when gestures are often mistaken for solid achievements, it is good to remember that, ‘he who feeds men, serves few but he serves all who dares be true.’  Because Mr. Soliven for nearly twenty years, has rendered outstanding service to his country and his Church by daring to be true, the Ateneo is proud to confer on him its most distinguished citation, the OZANAM AWARD.”


            The wake will begin tomorrow afternoon at the St. Ignatius Church at Camp Aguinaldo.  The first evening Mass tomorrow, Tuesday, November 28, will be celebrated by myself at around 8 p.m. after the University Awards for Excellence.  It will be a Mass to remember, in particular, Max Soliven’s deep roots in the Ateneo de Manila and to give thanks to the Lord for his life and all he has been and given for our country.


            We would like to invite the whole Ateneo community to this Mass and ask that we all remember Mr. Soliven in our Masses and prayers.





                                                                                                            BIENVENIDO F. NEBRES, S.J.


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