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  The Ateneo School of Government (ASG) in partnership with the Konrad 
Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) will be holding a Leadership and Campaign 
Seminar tentatively entitled, "Leading People and Winning Elections."   
This will be held on 17-21 December 2006 at the PHINMA Training Center 
in Tagaytay City.

The live-in seminar targets prospective candidates in local and district 
(congressional) elections in 2007 who are (1) reform-oriented, (2) 
neophytes running for public office, and preferably (4) not members of 
ruling political families.  The training will be conducted by experts in 
leadership training and campaign organization.  The chosen participants 
will be sponsored by KAS as regards their board and lodging and 

    Who may apply?
    .    prospective candidates for local and district (congressional)
    .    neophytes only (or have never occupied an elective office)
    .    25-45 yrs old
    .    college graduate
    .    believer in good governance

An application form and question sheet can be downloaded from the ASG 
website (www.www.asg.ateneo.edu).  The deadline for submission:  is 
December 1, 2006.   Thirty (30) participants will be chosen based on a 
review of the submitted documents.  For inquiries you may contact Amihan 
Perez (426-6061) or Dr. Dennis T. Gonzalez (729-6869).

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