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      Schedule of Student Activities for the Month of November 2006 
      MISA: Technology Music Fashion Show - Synaesthesia  17-Nov-06 Celebrity Sports Club  
      CELADON: 2nd General Assembly  18-Nov-06 TBA 
      ACLC: Welcoming Night  18-Nov-06 Aldwin Calubad's residence at 89 East Philam Homes, Q.C.   
      SPEED: SPEED Concert  24-Nov-06 Ateneo High School Cov Courts 
      PMSA: Band-Aid: Let it Stick to your Soul  24-Nov-06 Colayco Pavilion or Cervini Recreation Room  
      ATSCA: ATSCA Night  25-Nov-06 Student Center, Katipunan  
      AMA: M-Vation (Music Innovation): Rulina - Rock Concert Redefined  30-Nov-06 C3 Events Place, Greenhills 
      MUSMOS: Maaga ang Pasko sa Musmos  Nov. -Dec. 2006 Katipunan: Sagip Kalinga Classroom; Cubao: Stella Maris College 
      SANGGU: SWAP Nov. 6 - Dec. 1 Quadrangle, Kostka Extension, College Covered Courts  
      AECES: Book Referrals Nov. 13-24 AECES Bulletin Board  
      AMA: ID Picture Booth  Nov. 13-17; 20-22 CTC 115 
      AMP: AMPON  18-Nov-06 Payatas A and Payatas Dos (ACLC area) 
      ATSCA: ATSCA Week - Community Mass 19-Nov-06 College Chapel 
      DSWS: Second Semester Locker Registratiion  Nov. 20-24 Colayco Pavilion  
      ATSCA: ATSCA Week - Open Area 25-Nov-06 Marytown, Park 7, Kaingin 1 block 6 and Kaingin 1 Block 4 
      KAINGIN: Weekly Tutorials for Second Sem 25-Nov-06 Marikina Heights, Marikina City and Balara Elementary School  
      MISA: e-Learning  Nov. - March 2007 Any Public School Within Mandaluyong City  
      ADS: Inquirer 2bu! Inter-School Debating Championship 2006 Nov. 6 - 10 Ateneo Classrooms, MVP Roofdeck, Matteo Ricci Walkway, SEC A Walkway  
      ACIL: Pimp the Bus - Bus Art Contest  6-Nov-06 Doghouse  
      ACHES: Butts in the Bins Campaign  Nov. 6-21 Promo & Bulletin boards along EDSA walk, Xavier & SEC A Smoket 
      AMA: Mall Race: The Ultimate Malling Experience 11-Nov-06 SM Megamall 
      COMPSAT: /IT 18-Nov-06 F114,F115,  F116 
      PMSA: Amazing Race - The Annual Amazing Race for the Benefit of the Medical Missions Committee 20-Nov-06 Bellarmine Field, Gonzaga Function Rm A, Escaler Hall, SS Foyer, CTC 105, SEC Lecture Hall. SS Case Study Rm, Kostka 205 
      GUIDON: Between the Lines, behind the lens - A photo, graphic design, and essay writing competition Nov. 21-Dec.2 ; Dec. 16 (Awards night)  Colayco Pavilion 
      KYTHE: Kythe Extra Challenge 22-Nov-06 SEC Foyers, Berchman's classroom, Kostka classroom, Doghouse, Bellarmine Field, Cervini Swimming Pool 
      PMSA: Box-PMSA Interhigh School Quiz Bee Challenge - The first Inter0High School Quiz Bee of the Pre-Med Society of Ateneo (PMSA) and the Biological Organization (BOX)  25-Nov-06 SS AVR 
      AMA: Entrepreneurial Challenge: Who will be the Next Entrecorps? Year Long  N/A 
      ACTM: "Small Bites" - An ACTM Minor Food Sale Project - Cellos Doughnuts, BTIC, Nacho King Brownies Unlimited Nov. 13-17 SEC Field  
      ALAC: Minor food Sale - Cellos Doughnuts Nov. 20-24 SEC Field  
      ALAC: Caviar Etc 2 & 3 - Nacho King Nov. 20-24 SEC Field  
      TA: Minor Food Sale -  El Bonito's Pizza for Hinlalato Nov. 27-Dec.1 SEC Field  
      ATSCA: Minor Food Sale - Dirty Ice Cream  Nov. 27-Dec. 1 SEC Field  
      PMSA: Major Food Sale - Rodics Nov. 20-24 SEC Field 
      MISA: Major Food Sale - Kusina ni Kambal Nov. 27-Dec. 1 SEC Field  
      AECES: Abubot November SEC Field 
      DSWS: Lost and Found Committee - Second Handbook Sale  Nov. 20- Dec.1 Doghouse or Kostka Extension  
      KAINGIN:Kaingin Week Nov. 13-17 SEB B Lobby 
      COMPSAT: CompSAt Week Nov. 13-18 MVP 315, Faura AVR (Tambay Week); CTC or Faura Area (Burnfest 2006); MVP AVR (Video Game Tournament); CTC or Faura Area (Technical Support 2006); CTC 313 (CompSat Second GA) 
      ATSCA: AtSCA Week 2006-2007 Nov.19-25 Within & outside the Ateneo Campus (College Chapel, Student Center) 
      ALAC: Genocide Diaries  Nov. 20-24 TBA 
      AEA: Ecosummit 2006 Nov. 20-24 SS Foyer, SS AVR, Escaler Hall, SEC Field  
      COSA and AJMA: Marketing and Advertising Week o6 Nov. 20-24 SEC Field 
      ESS: Blue Earth 06-07 Nov. 20-25 Escaler Hall, SEC B foyer, Faura AVR & CTC Classrooms 
      ACIL: ACIL Week 2006  Nov. 25- Dec. 1 Colayco Pavilion, Doghouse, Ching Tan Rm 
      ACTM: ACTM Week Nov. 27-Dec. 1 SEC B Foyer 
      AECES: AECES Week  November  MVP Pavilion  
      ESS: ESS & COA: Back into Nature's Arms - A Week Long Eco-Fair Nov.20-24 SEC Field 
      AMA: AMA Mall  Nov. 20-24 SEC Field 
      ALEX: Balik Laya Prison Service Program - Bilibid or Not! Grand Exhibit & Sale   Nov. 20-24 SEC C foyer 
      MISA: PC Buyers Guide Exhibit Symposium  Nov. 22-24 Colayco Pavilion , CTC 313, Faura Rooms  
      AMA: Interschool Christmas Bazaar Nov. 25-26 Eastwood Style Central 
      ACTM Week - ACTM makes Big Things Happen! Nov. 27-Dec.1 Sec Field, SEC B & C Foyers 
      ACIL: ACIL Exhibit  Nov. 27-Dec.1  Colayco Pavilion  
      PSYCHE: Volunteers for Special Olympics  Nov. 5-9 ULTRA 
      ASEC: Bahay Kalinga Visit  Nov. 11 or 18 Orphanage Exposure Trip  
      KYTHE: Celebrate Life Party  25-Nov-06 Philippine Orthopedic Center (POC)  
      PMSA: UST Medical School Tour  30-Nov-06 UST College of Medicine  
      SPEED: Caroling Project  Nov. -Dec. 2006 SPEED MVP Room & Outside Ateneo 
      ENTABLADO: Ang Sistema ni Propesor Tuko - Taguig City Tour  Nov. 18 to December 2006 Various High Schools in Taguig  
      TA: Hinlalato (2nd Production)  Nov. 23 - Dec. 16 Rizal Mini Theatre  
      SANGGU: Evaluation and Planning Midyear Seminar Nov. 3-5 Caliraya, Lumban, Laguna 
      BOA: Evsem Nov. 3-5 La Luz, Batangas  
      AMA: Officers Evaluation Seminar  Nov. 3-5 TBA 
      MECO: Mid Year Evaluation Seminar  Nov. 4-6 Tagaytay Dacha, Tagaytay 
      SANGGU: SOSS - Meco Curriculum (Tie-up with Economics Department) 9-Nov-06 SOM 111 
      MUSMOS: Evaluation Planning Seminar Nov. 10-12 Macion Residence, Antipolo 
      SANGGU and COA: Social Involvement Summit  Nov. 11-12 MVP Rooftop or basement or 2nd Floor of Matteo Ricci Bldg.  
      AMA Entreprenuership Workshop (Outreach) 2006 Nov. 11-12 Payatas 13 Chapel 
      AMA: 3rd Entrepreneurial Assembly: Food Fight Talk 15-Nov-06 Faura AVR 
      CELADON: Take the Lead - Celadon Leadership Development Program Nov. 18-19 (part 1) ; Nov. 27-Dec. 20 (part 2) Ching Tan Room or ISO  
      AECES: AECES talks & Seminars Nov. 20-25 Escaler 
      MECO: Cashflow 101 Seminar - Making your money work for you  25-Nov-06 CTC 201  
      ALEX: Leadership Talks  25-Nov-06 Escaler 
      ACIL: Catechism 101: Introduction to Modern Day Catechism  29-Nov-06 Ching Tan Rm  
      ACOMM: Graphitti Flash  Nov. 24-25; Dec. 1-2 Faura; IT Studio CTC 3rd flr.  
      AECES: Alumni Get Together  November  Faura AVR 
      HEIGHTS: 1st Book Lunch 17-Nov-06 MVP Basement 
      MEA: SLATE Magazine - A project of MEA CSRP Advocacy November ADMU, DSLU, LST, UP< CSB & Other Universities  
      MISA: BALKansya Nov. 13-24  Establishments in Katipunan, Gateway, Alabang Town Center & Photocopying station inside the Loyola Schools  
      MEA: Paskong MEA - Raffle Tickets  Nov. 18-Dec.9 Man-to-Man Sales, SEC Field (raffle draw awarding) 
      PARTIDO AGILA: Mass Information Dessimination  6-Nov-06 Ateneo 
      ALEX: Balik Laya Prison Service Program - Advocacy Project  Nov. 20-24 SEC C Foyer, Forum/Film Viewing at Escaler Hall  
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