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The Gov. Jose B. Fernandez, Jr. Ethics Center is pleased to call your attention
to two interesting articles in the Journal of Business Ethics (April 2006
Issue, Volume 64, Number 4/ Publisher: Springer).

1.Business Ethics Index: Measuring Consumer Sentiments Toward
     Business Ethical Practices (pp. 317-326)

Authors: Tsalikis, John; Seaton, Bruce

The present study describes the development of an ongoing and systematic index
to measure consumers' sentiments towards business ethical practices. The
Business Ethics Index (BEI) is based on the well established measurements of
consumer sentiments, namely the ICS (Index of Consumer Sentiment) and CBCCI
(Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index). The BEI is comprised of 4
measurements representing the dimensions of "personal-vicarious" and
"past-future." Data from 503 telephone interviews were used to calculate a BEI
of 107. This indicates an overall positive consumer sentiment towards the
ethical behavior of business. Future calculations of the BEI are planned which
will allow for the estimation of the latent dynamics of trends in consumer
sentiments toward American business ethics.

2. The Effects of Escalating Commitment on Ethical Decision-Making
   (pp. 343-356)

Authors: Street, Marc; Street, Vera

Although scholars have invoked the escalation framework as a means of explaining
the occurrence of numerous organizationally undesirable behaviors on the part of
decision makers, to date no empirical research on the potential influences of
escalating commitment on the likelihood of unethical behavior at the individual
level of analysis has been reported in either the escalation or the ethical
decision-making literatures. Thus, the main purpose of this project is to
provide a theoretical foundation and empirical support for the contention that
escalating commitment situations can induce unethical behavior in decision
makers. An experimental research design utilizing a computerized investment
task was administered to 155 undergraduate business majors as a means of
assessing the hypotheses presented here. Results from a hierarchical logistic
regression analysis found strong support for the contention that exposure to an
escalation situation increases the likelihood of unethical behavior on the part
of decision makers. Further, results also supported previous ethical
decision-making findings by confirming the effects of locus of control (LOC) on
ethical behavior. Specifically, the data indicated that individuals with an
external LOC orientation were significantly more likely to select the unethical
option than were individuals with an internal LOC orientation. Interestingly,
support was not found for the effects of Machiavellianism or gender on ethical

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