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School opens very very soon!

Our Ateneo adopted Gawad Kalinga (GK) villages are getting ready to
welcome pre-schoolers to our SIBOL Day Care Centers! Our GK Villages
are beautiful because we build colorful and durable homes with them,
but also because we help shape the minds and values of families in
our adopted communities in Payatas and Nueva Ecija.

SIBOL schools are the foundation of the three Child and Youth
Development Programs of GK. These are Sibol (preschool), Sagip
(elementary), Siga (high school age). The SIBOL schools of the GK
Blue Eagle Village (Payatas 13), GK Kalayaan Village (Gabaldon), and
GK villages in Talanay, Licad, and Soledad need our immediate help!

We invite you to partner with us in bringing quality child
development to our pre-school and nursery kids!

Below is a MENU of SIBOL school needs. You may give in cash or in
kind. Brand new or 2nd hand gifts are welcome. You may schedule pick
up of your gifts, or deliver them to the GK-Ateneo Coordinating
Office at 3F Hoffner Building, Social Development Complex, Ateneo de
Manila University.

Please call 4266001 local 5024 for more details.

School Year 2006-2007

School Supplies (for 100 pupils)
-         100 long envelopes
-         100 short envelopes
-         crayons
-         pencils
-         notebooks
-         papers
-         clay
-         scissors
-         pentel pens

Classroom Supplies and Equipment
-         bells
-         wall clocks
-         stop watches
-         ceiling fans
-         WALL FANS
-         water dispensers
-         Philippine flags for outdoors
-         computers and printers
-         computer tables
-         copying machines
-         photo galleries
-         photo albums
-         scrap books
-         guest books
-         curtains
-         towels
-         announcement boards
-         microphones
-         wireless microphones
-         extension cords
-         outdoor umbrellas
-         electric water pumps
-         rubber mats
-         sleeping mats
-         pillows with case

For Teachers
-         sponsors for continuous training and studies
-         school uniforms
-         funding for additional benefits (i.e health care)

Reading Corner
-         more story books; PREF. Filipino Stories (English and
Filipino – Adarna books, Hiyas, etc)
-         Bibles for children
-         Childcraft about Families
-         Coloring Books

Science Corner
-         thermometers
-         microscopes
-         magnifying glasses
-         mortars and pestles
-         prisms
-         horseshoe magnets
-         telescopes
-         human body fabric chart kits
-         posters:
       o        animals
       o        five senses
       o        rocks and minerals
       o        natural distasters
       o        astronomy
       o        flags of the world
-         Childcraft Animal families
-         Deluxe farm sets, zoo animals, baby animals pet animals and
endangered animals
-         Farm and zoo puzzles

Housekeeping Area
-         playhouses/doll houses with diff parts
-         dolls

Outdoor Play
-         push and ride racers
-         fish rockers
-         pedal farm tractors
-         step rocking boats
-         playhouse sewing extensions
-         fire truck sets
-         basketball sets
-         train sets
-         bowling sets
-         inflatable swimming pools

-         puzzles
-         weighing scales
-         abacuses
-         blocks (plastic & wooden)
-         inch  cubes
-         geometric solids (wooden)
-         glasspack tangrams
-         platform scales
-         tape measures
-         pegs and peg boards
-         domino race with accessories
-         progression puzzles
-         road counters
-         community puzzles

Arts and Crafts
-         Childcraft adjustable four way easels
-         wooden drying racks
-         washable tempera/poster paint
-         glitter paints
-         sponge painting sets with handles
       o        alphabet
       o        numbers
       o        sea/marine
       o        community
       o        different animals
-         clay designing kits
-         clay cutter sets
-         scissors
-         art materials
-         illustration board

-         frontier building blocks sets
-         bristle blocks
-         ring-a-majigs
-         connect-a-color
-         gear sets
-         people climbers
-         jumbo racing/ sequencing buttons
-         people connectors
-         Lego
-         Duplo- basic tubes with storage bin
-         Graphic sets
-         Modules of different shapes

Health and Self-Help
-         full length mirrors
-         complete first aid cabinets with complete first aid
medicines and gadgets

-         refrigerators
-         doormats
-         pot holders
-         hand/ face towels
-         soap dispensers
-         kitchen utensils

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