[Blueboard] 28 July 2006 - Dr. John Nye Special Lecture - War, Wine, and Taxes: The Political Economy of Anglo-French Trade, 1689-1880

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Thu Jul 27 09:28:42 PHT 2006

The Department of Political Science
and the Department of History
School of Social Sciences

cordially invite you

to a Special Lecture entitled

War, Wine, and Taxes: The Political Economy of Anglo-French Trade, 1689-1880

by Dr. John V.C. Nye
Professor of Economics and History
Washington University in St. Louis

on July 28, 2006, Friday, 3:00-4:30 pm
Escaler Hall

 How did Britain make the transition from the mercantilist regime of the 
eighteenth century to the free-trade, liberal state of the nineteenth? And how 
did eighteenth Century Britain manage to grow her revenues up to five times 
faster than GDP growth? Contrary to received wisdom, Britain was not a free 
trader for most of the nineteenth century especially in comparison to her 
rival France. This highly revisionist work uses this finding to begin a 
reinterpretation of British fiscal and commercial history. The story starts 
from war between England and France in 1689 and extends to include the entire 
history of Anglo-French trade war. Along the way, we not only see how Britain 
came to become such a financially dominant state but we also learn why the 
British drink beer and why modern theorists of hegemonic stability have little 
empirical support for their theses.

About the speaker:
John V. C. Nye was a founding member of the International Society for the New 
Institutional Economics (ISNIE).   He has worked for two decades building a 
program in Economic History and the New Institutional Economics with his 
colleague, Douglass North, who was the 1993 co-recipient of the Nobel Memorial 
Prize in Economics.  As an invited lecturer for the Ronald Coase Institute, 
Nye has given workshops on the NIE to young faculty in numerous schools in the 
former Soviet Union and Central Europe.  He has been a visiting professor at 
the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris and a National Fellow at the Hoover 
Institution at Stanford University.  A native of the Philippines, John Nye 
studied for twelve years at the Ateneo Grade School and High School before 
enrolling in Caltech where he received his Bachelor's degree in Physics.  He 
did graduate work at Northwestern University where he completed an MA and PhD 
in Economics.  His latest book, War, Wine, and Taxes will be forthcoming from 
Princeton University Press.

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