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The   Center   for   Ignatian  Spirituality  is  searching  for
interested applicants for the position of Administrator, Sacred
Heart  Retreat  House  and  Seminar Center.  The following is a
description of the position's duties and responsibilities:

Position  Title:   Administrator of Sacred Heart Retreat House
                   and Seminar Center (SHRHSC)

The  administrator  manages all aspects of operating the center
such  as  marketing  and  customer  service, finance, personnel
management,  facilities and materials management as well as the
transition from the current to the new or proposed set-up.

 1. Marketing   and   Customer   Service  -  conceptualize  and
    implement  a  marketing strategy for the center.  Determine
    and  monitor  standards  of  customer  service  in  booking
    reservations, reception and client relations.
 2. Finance - Prepare the budget, determine revenue targets and
    make  a  monthly  performance  report  (actual vs. budget).
    Supervise  bookkeeping and preparation of financial reports
    as  necessary  according  to  professional  accounting  and
    finance standards.
 3. Materials  Management  - Schedule and coordinate a periodic
    inventory  of  furniture,  equipment  and supplies.  Handle
    purchasing.    Institute   control  measures  to  safeguard
 4. Personnel Management - Conduct manpower review to determine
    positions  and  skills  needed,  optimum  staffing, current
    capabilities   of   existing  staff  and  their  areas  for
    development.    Draft   personnel   policy   and  institute
    personnel  systems  that  will  promote  the mission of the
    center,  such  as  remuneration,  performance standards and
    evaluation,  training and upgrading of skills, etc.  Manage
    day-to-day staff relations and improve morale.
 5. Facilities Management - Institute standards for cleanliness
    and   timeliness   of   repairs.   Maintain  the  building,
    furniture  and  equipment  and  grounds in a condition that
    will   promote  the  center's  spirit  of  recollectedness.
    Ensure  upkeep and supply of utilities.  Prepare inspection
    checklists and schedule inspection of furniture, equipment,
    fixtures  and  physical premises.  Ensure that cleaning and
    repairs are done according to standards.
 6. Kitchen  and  Dining  Hall Operations - Oversee the kitchen
    and  dining  hall  operations  such  as  menu  preparation,
    inventory  and  proper  storage of food supplies, inventory
    and  maintenance  of  kitchen  and  dining  hall equipment,
    sanitation,   proper   garbage  segregation  and  disposal.
    Ensure  that  retreatants  are  not  disturbed  by noise or
    untidy surroundings while taking their meals.

Interested  applicants  may  send  their  resumes  by  email to
cisphil at ignaciana.org   or  mail  to  Cristina  A.  Mossesgeld,
Programs  Officer,  Center  for  Ignatian  Spirituality  (Phil)
Spiritual  Pastoral  Center  /  CEFAM  Building  Seminary Road,
Ateneo  de Manila University Campus Loyola Heights, 1108 Quezon
City, Philippines Tel. Nos. 426 4250/51; Fax No. 426 4250

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