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Wednesday, 12 July 2006


TRAFFIC:  Yesterday morning's traffic was heavier than usual and resulted in many Grade School students and High School students being late for classes.  It is not clear what slowed down traffic.  There was unconfirmed report of an accident at the C.P. Garcia U-Turn early morning that started the traffic build-up.  MMDA personnel pointed to the bottleneck at the La Vista gate leading to three gates of Miriam College on Mangyan Road.  Checking of gate pass stickers at Miriam College's Gate 1 slows down egress from Ateneo's Gate 3.5.     


SECURITY:  Mr. ALEJANDRO DE ORO FAJARDO, driver of a white tricycle No. 052 is commended for returning a Nokia 7610 cell phone to a freshman who left it in his tricycle Monday morning, 10 July.  Mr. Fajardo stands out for taking the initiative of looking for the owner of the phone so he could return it.  The coed who was not even aware that she lost her cell phone, recovered her cell phone twenty minutes after it was found by Mr. Fajardo.    


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Mr. Alejandro De Oro Fajardo in red shirt being congratulated by Campus Security Detachment Commander Abel R Guzilan at the security office.


THIEF:  At 11:45 yesterday morning, undercover Lady Guard Marycon F Anonat assigned at the college complex spotted a suspicious looking woman in the AMPC Cafeteria.  The woman was seen looking at unattended possessions left on top of dining tables by students.  LG Anonat called for assistance and had the suspicious person brought to the security office.


The suspect was then searched by another female guard and found to be carrying a Nokia 7610 and a brown paper bag with a UP T-shirt.  She claimed to be looking for "Leandro Tiquel", allegedly a cousin and 2nd year college student.  The office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs (ADSA) could not find any student by that name.


At 1:30 p.m., a coed reported her missing cell phone to ADSA.  The description of the  phone matched the cell phone that was recovered from the suspect.  At the security office, the coed confirmed that it was her missing phone, minus the SIM card.    


Further investigation prompted the suspect to reveal that she removed the SIM card and dropped it in the security vehicle while being transported to the office.  The coed's SIM card was recovered inside the security vehicle.  


Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/sitrip120706.htm 


Analie Salurio Tomalden alias Jacquelyn Calumbano, 27, 29 or 31 years old, claims to be a resident of 148 Katipunan Road, as well as 59 Lilac St., West Fairview and also of Pansol, Quezon City. 


Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/sitrip120706.htm

The suspect and the coed's Nokia 7610 shown in the middle picture.


The suspect was interviewed by the Guidon staff before she was turned over to Barangay Loyola Heights.  The coed did not file charges against the suspect as she had recovered her cell phone.  


The community is again reminded to be vigilant in the custody of personal belongings and to be on the lookout for thieves on campus.  





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