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LS Faculty Have Till August 31 to Apply for CHED Scholarships in the 2nd 

The Office of Graduate Services is inviting LS faculty who are in an advanced 
stage in their doctoral studies to take advantage of CHED (Commission on 
Higher Education) Sandwich/Dissertation Grants. Such a grant can be obtained 
by an ADMU doctoral student who

-	is working in a CHED priority field,
-	has passed the comprehensive exam for his/her program, 
-	has successfully defended his/her Ph.D. dissertation proposal and 
has been accepted in a university abroad as a research fellow (with a 
professor   there willing to act as adviser). 

CHED provides a maximum of $25,000 to a faculty fellow under this grant.

The following are the CHED priority fields: English, Philosophy, the Natural 
Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Mathematics, Information Technology, 
the Social Sciences (Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and 

These Sandwich Program/Dissertation Grants are part of the CHED-HEDP (Higher 
Education Development Program) Faculty Development Program. The Program, which 
started in 2004, was designed to boost the degree attainment of tertiary 
teachers all over the country. It offers scholarships to teachers of large 
colleges and universities towards earning MA, MS or Ph.D. degrees. It is 
estimated that if all scholarship slots were utilized in this 6-year program, 
3,500 faculty members would benefit. 

Applicants to the Program, who have their school’s endorsement, may apply to 
any of the CHED DHEI’s (Delivering Higher Education Institution’s), which 
include all the major educational institutions in the country. The Ateneo de 
Manila University, which has several CHED Centers of Excellence, is one such 

Before the Program started, CHED asked these DHEI’s to submit programs of 
study (both masteral and doctoral) in the priority areas. The agency evaluated 
these and chose certain ones for inclusion in the scholarship scheme. Most of 
these programs have no thesis requirement and can be completed in 2 years, 
including summers. 

In general, the CHED scholarships provide support only for 2 years in MA/MS 
programs (thesis or non-thesis) and 3 years in Ph.D. programs. Thus, any 
student who needs more time to finish his/her degree will have to shoulder the 
cost of the extra year or years of study. Since the Program ends in 2010, 
students wishing to study for the Ph.D. need to enroll by SY 2007-08 at the 

Among the privileges obtained by master’s students from CHED are free tuition-
and-fees, a book allowance and a thesis grant. In return, the scholarships 
require the recipients to render a certain number of years of service to their 
sponsoring school.

The Ateneo de Manila accepts CHED scholars in the Second Semester only in the 
following non-thesis programs: MA English Language and Literature Teaching, 
Master of Biology, Master of Chemistry, Master of Physics, MA in Economics and 
MA in Political Science. (Applicants to the MA/MS theses programs and Ph.D. 
programs should apply no later than end-January 2007.)

The Loyola Schools endorses to CHED for scholarships its full-time faculty 
members who have completed 2-1/2 to 3 years of service in the Loyola Schools 
and do not yet have masteral or doctoral degrees. The endorsements are given 
for one faculty member only per field of study. 

To apply for a CHED scholarship, you need to apply first for a Loyola Schools 
Faculty Development Grant: 

1.	Obtain the following from the Office of Graduate Services: 
- an LS Faculty Development Grant application
- a recommendation form 
- a rehiring agreement form (if not yet a permanent faculty member) 
2.	Submit the accomplished forms to the Office of Graduate Services on or 
before August 31, 2006. (For those who wish to begin their studies in Summer 
2007, the deadline is the end of January 2007.)
3.	Wait for word from the LS Faculty Development Committee on your 

If you get the Committee’s endorsement, the Office of Graduate Services will 
inform you how to proceed with the application to CHED itself. 

Additional information on the CHED-HEDP Faculty Development scholarships is 
available from these websites: www.ched.gov.ph (go to : Projects) and 

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