[Blueboard] Invitation: Talk on Applied Math and Economics

Editha V. Bagtas evbagtas at mathsci.math.admu.edu.ph
Mon Jul 10 16:26:21 PHT 2006

The Ateneo de Manila University
Mathematics Department
and Economics Department

cordially invite you

to a Special Lecture entitled

"Clever Instruments, the Economics of Tournaments,
and Monte Carlo Simulations: Detecting Collusion
in International Chess"


Dr. John V.C. Nye
Professor, Washington University
St. Louis, USA

on July 26, 2006 (Wednesday)
At SEC Lecture Hall 2
4:30 - 6:00 pm


Economists have increasingly focused their attention on non-traditional
applications of economic reasoning.  Applied econometrics, in conjunction with
new and unusual data sets have been used to test many hypotheses that were once
considered out of disciplinary bounds.  There is a well developed literature on
tournaments whose central results have led to policy advice about the value of
unequal payoff structures in motivating effort.  But most of the literature has
treated output as a simple monotonic function of effort.  The possibility of a
"draw" or "tie" can complicate the issue by introducing strategic
considerations that have not been fully modeled in the economics 
literature.  There has also been a recent literature on testing for 
cheating in various sports such as sumo wrestling.   The rich data 
available on performance in chess allows us to test an early claim by 
Bobby Fischer and Viktor Korchnoi - that the Soviets colluded
in important championship tournaments.  Furthermore, the authors are able to
precisely estimate the quantitative value of this collusion and, using Monte
Carlo simulation, show in which tournaments the collusion was critical to the

About the Speaker:

John V. C. Nye was a founding member of the International Society for the New
Institutional Economics (ISNIE).  He has worked for two decades to build a
program in Economic History and the New Institutional Economics with his
colleague at Washington, Douglass North, who was the 1993 co-recipient of the
Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.  As lecturer for the Ronald Coase Institute,
Nye has given workshops on the NIE to young faculty in numerous schools in the
former Soviet Union and Central Europe.  He has been a visiting professor
at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris and a National Fellow at the 
Hoover Institution at Stanford University.  A native of the Philippines, 
John Nye studied for twelve years at the Ateneo Grade School and High 
School before studying at Caltech where he received his Bachelor's degree 
in Physics. He did graduate work at Northwestern University where he 
completed an MA and PhD in Economics.  His latest book, War, Wine, and 
Taxes will be forthcoming from Princeton University Press.

For more information, contact:  Dr. Raffy Saldaña (4266001 local 5680, email:
rsaldana at ateneo.edu)

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