[Blueboard] "Mostly Mozart"

Nora V. Dela Cruz ndelacruz at ateneo.edu
Thu Jul 6 11:36:57 PHT 2006

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, in cooperation with the
Dean's Office of the School of Humanities and the Department of Modern
Languages, invites you to

"Mostly Mozart"

a festival celebrating the 250th birth anniversary of Wolfang Amadeus

On July 17, the director's cut of "Amadeus" (1984) will be shown at the
Escaler Hall at 4:30.

On July 24, Peter Porticos lectures on the life and music of Mozart at the
Natividad Galang Fajardo Room, Dela Costa Hall, at 4:30.

On August 7, Ingrid Sala Santamaria and Reynaldo Reyes bring the "Romantic
Piano Concerto Journey" to the Ateneo. The concert cum lecture will be
held at the Escaler Hall at 4:30.

On September 4, soprano Joanna Go and concert pianist Jonathan Coo perform
selected pieces of Mozart music at the Escaler Hall at 4:30.

An exhibition entitled "In Symphony with Mozart" will run at the Pardo de
Tavera Room of the Rizal Library from August 21 to 25.

Admission to any of the events is free. Faculty, students, alumni, and
staff are most welcome.

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