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Mon Jan 30 14:33:13 PHT 2006

Dear Sir/Madam:

Greetings of Peace!

The Loyola Schools Guidance Office is once again organizing the
Departmental Talks and Career Exploration Workshops (CEW) this year, as
part of its requirements for Shifting.  The Departmental Talks aim to
help students gain valuable information about selected courses.  It is
hoped that through this activity, the students will be able to make a
sound decision about shifting to another field of study.  On the other
hand, the CEW aims to assist students to narrow down their choices of
career which eventually affect the selection of their courses.  They will
be led to a process in which they will make a career decision  taking into
consideration their dreams, interests, abilities and values.

In this regard, we would like to seek assistance from your office in
disseminating the abovementioned information to our freshman and
sophomore students. Attached are the scheduled departmental talks and
career exploration workshops.

Thank you very much.


Ms. Icel  Monsale, M.Ed
Loyola Schools Guidance Counselor


Department	                 Date 	  Time	        Venue
DISCS	                        1-Feb	4:30-6:30  NGF Conference Room
Department of Biology	        1-Feb   4:30-6:30  NGF Conference Room
Health and Sciences Program	1-Feb	4:30-6:30  NGF Conference Room
Department of Economics	        3-Feb	4:30-6:30	CTC313
European Studies Program	3-Feb	4:30-6:30	CTC313
Development Studies Program	3-Feb	4:30-6:30	CTC313
Interdisciplinary Studies	3-Feb	4:30-6:30	CTC313
Department of Psychology	8-Feb	4:30-6:30	FAVR
Deparment of Communication	8-Feb	4:30-6:30	FAVR
Department of Sociology and
Anthropology	                8-Feb	4:30-6:30	FAVR
Department of Political Science	8-Feb	4:30-6:30	FAVR
Fine Arts Program	        8-Feb	4:30-6:30	FAVR
Department of Management	10-Feb	4:30-6:30	CTC105

	CEW Schedules

Date	Day	Time
11-Feb	Saturday	8:30 - 12NN
15-Feb	Wednesday	1:30 - 4:30PM
18-Feb	Saturday	8:30 - 12NN
22-Feb	Wednesday	1:30 - 4:30PM
25-Feb	Saturday	8:30 - 12NN
1-Mar	Wednesday	1:30 - 4:30PM
4-Mar	Saturday	8:30 - 12NN
8-Mar	Wednesday	1:30 - 4:30PM
11-Mar	Saturday	8:30 - 12NN

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