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You are also invited to the following film screenings.

Fr. Ari


            Date Venue Time Movie 
            January 30 (Monday) SOM 211 2:30 - 4:10 pm M. Butterfly 
            SOM 211 4:20 - 6:00 pm The Eye 2 
            January 31 (Tuesday) SS Conf Rm 3/4 3:30 - 5:40 pm New Police Story 
            February 1 (Wednesday) SOM 211 4:20 - 6:00 pm Love on a Diet 
            February 2 (Thursday) SS Conf Rm 3/4 3:30 - 5:15 pm Infernal Affairs 
            February 3 (Friday) Faura AVR 4:30 - 6:00 pm Everlasting Regret 
            CTC 102 6:00 - 7:50 pm Ako Legal Wife: Mano Po 4 

      IT's FREE & OPEN to ALL!
      Enjoy, Relax, & Appreciate Our Chinese Culture!!!
      SEE YOU THERE!!!!

      M. Butterfly
      Starring: Shizuko Hoshi, Jeremy Irons, Annabel Leventon, John Lone, Ian Richardson
      Directed by: David Cronenberg

      David Cronenberg's cinematic intensity eviscerates this adaptation of David Henry Hwang's passionate stage production. Based on a true incident involving a French diplomat who carried on an affair for 18 years with a man the diplomat thought was a woman, M. Butterfly begins in 1964 Beijing when French foreign service employee Rene Gallimard (Jeremy Irons) becomes smitten with Chinese opera performer Song Liling (John Lone). Before long, Gallimard is enamored with Song, and they begin an inflamed affair -- bracketed by the stipulation that Gallimard will never be allowed to look upon her in a state of complete undress. Gallimard agrees to the rules, but, as he climbs up the diplomatic ladder, the communist government gets involved, corralling Song to become an informer for the government. When, at last, Gallimard's passion demands nudity, Song flees the relationship. Gallimard, pining for his lost love, then becomes a physical and mental wreck. He leaves China and accepts a two-bit diplomatic position, but then Song appears once again to Gallimard. At that point, Gallimard is arrested and, during the subsequent sensational trial for treason, his affair is exposed for the sham that it is. ~ Paul Brenner, All Movie Guide


      The Eye 2
      Starring: Shu Qi, Eugenia Yuan Lai-Kei, Jesdaporn Pholdee, Phillip Kwok Chun-Fung, Rayson Tan
      Directed by: Danny Pang, Oxide Pang Chun

      Visionary Asian horror directors the Pang Brothers offer another disconcerting look at the spirits of the dead in this sequel to their international hit The Eye. Joey Cheng (Shu Qi) is a woman who has been given to deep mood swings, which isn't helped by the fact her relationship with her boyfriend, Sam (Jesdaporn Pholdee), is crumbling. In a moment of despair, Joey takes an overdose of sleeping pills in an apparent suicide attempt. Joey survives the incident, but discovers that she's pregnant with Sam's child, putting her in another difficult situation. Joey decides to keep the baby, but she soon discovers another strange side effect of her brush with death -- she can now see ghosts, especially when she's in the presence of children and pregnant women, and is frequently haunted by the spirit of a women attempting to kill herself near a railroad track. As the ghost begins vi siting more and more often, Joey becomes convinced the spirit wants to enter the body of her unborn child. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide



      New Police Story
      Starring: Jackie Chan, Charlie Yeung, Daniel Wu, Nicholas Tse, Charlene Choi
      Directed by: Benny Chan

      Inspector Wing of the Hong Kong Police Force has become the victim of a gang, led by the evil Joe. When his entire team is killed, Wing becomes a hapl ess drunk, feeling guilty for the deaths of his team. It is up to a young rookie officer to get Wing back on his feet and begin an adventure to get revenge on the evil Joe and his Gang of Five, especially when it becomes personal.



      Love on a Diet
      Starring: Andy Lau, Wong Tin-lam, Asuka Higuchi, Sammi Cheng, Rikiya Kurokawa
      Directed by: Johnny To, Wai Ka-fai

      A young woman's broken heart leads her to pack on the pounds in this romantic comedy from H ong Kong. Mini is the obese woman in question, and when she meets a man named Fatso, he helps her get herself back on track and shed the pounds. After dropping the unwanted heft, Mini rekindles her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, but has she fallen for Fatso? ~ Matthew Tobey, All Movie Guide



      Infernal Affairs
      Starring: Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang, Andy Lau, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Chapman To
      Directed by: Andrew Lau, Alan Mak

      This stripped-down no ir is about a pair of detectives leading undercover lives. Yan (Tony Leung) has lived deep inside organized crime for 10 years, while Ming (Andy Lau, not to be confused with the director) is a highly placed, corrupt internal affairs officer. This intricate and well-told story of loyalty and betrayal has been the stuff of other Hong Kong crime melodramas. John Woo's "Hard Boiled" comes to mind, which was also about a cop gone so far into his undercover life that he can't come out. "Infernal Affairs" feels boiled, too; it's cooked down to bare-bones storytelling. The picture signals a new era for Hong Kong filmmaking; its mean-streets crispness doesn't derive from the two-gun firepower of Mr. Woo, or even from the earlier gangster-lean films Andrew Lau directed on his own, like "Young and Dangerous." "Infernal Affairs" uses a vibrating terseness usually found in the writer and director Michael Mann's work. Thematically this film deploys the techniques Mr. Mann brought to bear on "He at," right down to using a similar cold-blooded electronic score. - Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times



      Everlasting Regret (Changhen Ge)
      Starring Sammy Cheng Sau Man, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Daniel Wu
      Directed by Stanley Kwan

      Director Stanley Kwan attempts to mold Sammi Cheng into a Maggie Cheung-type actress with Everlasting Regret, a film adaptation of Wang Anyi's popular and influential novel Changhen Ge. Cheng is Wang Qiyao, a young student in Shanghai whose simple beauty impresses photographer Mr. Cheng (Tony Leung Ka-Fai), who suggests that Qiyao enter a beauty contest. Q iyao wins 2nd runner up, and promptly catches the eye of Councilor Li (Hu Jun), a Nationalist official who makes Qiyao his mistress, and even furnishes her with a sumptuous Shanghai flat. But times in Shanghai - and larger China - are changing quickly, and Councilor Li is but the first of many men to make their mark on Qiyao's life. For a Chinese woman living in an increasingly rigid society, Qiyao's sordid past becomes a millstone, and yet she struggles to rise above it. The answer is no, she can't rise above it. Despite clinging to her dignity, Qiyao is ultimately drawn into one negative relationship after another, and her final fate is as oddly fitting as it is distressingly tragic.


      < FONT size=2>Ako Legal Wife: Mano Po 4
      Starring: Zsa Zsa Padilla, Cherry Pie Picache, Rufa Mae Quinto, Jay Manalo
      Director: Joel Lamangan

      In Elton Chong's life, Chona is the legal wife, Patty is the lucky wife, and Gloria is the latest wife. Chona has three kids and a thriving career but she is not beyond getting insecure over her husband's other wives. She tries to go under the knife to make herself more appealing, only to learn Patty has the same idea--so they eventually gang up on Gloria. To make matters worse, her eldest Hamilton may be gay--a big problem if he is to inherit the family business.


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