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The Department of History

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Special Topics in History Lecture Series

>From Missions to Mainstream: Franciscan Missionary Efforts in Nueva
Caceres, Kabikolan, 1578-1768

By Stephen Henry S. Totanes Ph.D.

In 1578, the Spanish Franciscan missionaries began sustained evangelical
work in southern Luzon and in the region known initially as Ibalon, and
later as Kabikolan. This region became the seat of what came to be known
in 1595 as the Diocesis de Nueva Caceres, and by this time, the
Franciscans had established a string of mainstream parishes from these
missions along the coastlines of southeastern Luzon and meandering Bikol
	For almost two centuries the Franciscans organized native communities
into towns, placed the natives bajo de la campana, built stone churches
from the remnants of earlier wood and nipa structures, and defended these
achievements from Muslim raiders from the south. By 1768, the Franciscan
missions were thriving parishes, so the Franciscans entered a second
mission area in the region of Eastern Visayas. These efforts are also
analyzed in the context of similar Franciscan efforts in the states of
California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

30 January 2006, Monday, 4:30 -- 6:00 p.m.
Conference Rooms 1 & 2
Ground Floor, Social Sciences Building

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