[Blueboard] ANNOUNCEMENT: PLUG 1st Quarter Free Technical Seminar Series 2006

Pablo Manalastas pmanalastas at ateneo.edu
Thu Jan 19 10:14:37 PHT 2006

 From the Philippine Linux Users' Group
c/o "Paolo Alexis Falcone" <pfalcone at free.net.ph>

In conjunction with the celebration of the Ateneo Science Week,
the Philippine Linux Users' Group will hold the 1st Quarter
Free Technical Seminar for the year 2006 on 21 January 2006
at Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, from 9AM to 6PM.

Certificates of attendance shall be made available to interested
people upon request at the price of P75 per topic.

Saturday, 21 January 2006
Room CTC-313 at the Third Floor
PLDT Convergent Technologies Center (PLDT-CTC Bldg)
Between John Gokongwei School of Management and
Science Education Center
Ateneo de Manila University
Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
9am - 6pm


Time Talk Title and Speaker
9AM onwards Registration
9AM - 10AM Getting to know Gentoo Linux, by Eduardo Tongson
10AM - 11AM Open Source Surveillance:
How to Make your Home the Next PBB Set,
by Miguel Paraz and William Yu
11AM - 12PM PostgreSQL: Managing Roles and Privileges,
by Charlton Lopez
12PM - 1PM L U N C H (buy your own lunch)
1PM - 2PM Using Crypto, by Paolo Veñegas
2PM - 3PM Bluetooth and Linux, by Billy Pucyutan
3PM - 4PM SSH Tricks!, by Mike Liguit
4PM - 5PM BOF Session

==Bluetooth and Linux by Billy Pucyutan==

The presentation gives an overview of the capabilities
of the open source bluetooth protocol stack running on linux.
Bluetooth is short-range wireless technology that interconnects
various electronic devices within range.

Billy Pucyutan is currently the head of the Mobile Systems and
Applications Group of the Advanced Science and Technology Institute
- a research and development unit within the Department of Science
and Technology.

==Open Source Surveillance: How to Make Your Home the Next PBB Set
by Miguel Paraz and William Yu==

Abstract and speakers' profiles pending

==Using Crypto, by Paolo Veñegas==

An overview discussion of developments in crypto technology
leading to its state today, and its applications, followed by a
look at open source implementations, and how they can be used in
computing and development.

Paolo Veñegas is a developer concentrating on open source technologies,
currently doing software engineering for InfoWeapons Corporation,
working with networking, IPv6, and security. He used to be the
Vice President of the Cebu GNU/Linux Users Group (CE-GNU-LUG), and
participates frequently at free software training and advocacy workshops.

==PostgreSQL: Managing Roles and Privileges by Charlton Lopez==

Database security essentially begins with how we define users
and roles within the database and what privileges we grant them.
For this seminar in PostgreSQL,see a viable approach in setting up and
maintaining a security model and learn how to confirm privileges granted
to users and roles

Charlton Lopez is currently an Associate Database Consultant in
SQL*Wizard, a company that provides services for Oracle middleware and
development tools. He worked previously as a technical and training
consultant in Q Linux Solutions where he developed a PHP course guide
with basic introduction to MySQL and PostgreSQL. He is also a former
system administrator in Wiggleworx, a wireless consulting firm assimilated
by Information Gateway where he co-maintained the Smart Zed TextMail
service, which runs entirely on Linux and other open source technologies.

==Getting to know Gentoo Linux by Eduardo Tongson==

This will be an introduction to Gentoo Linux. Get to know the virtues
of this very powerful metadistro. Along with its package management system
portage we can see why it is the platform to provide a flexible base system
on which to build any dynamic solution to a problem.

Ed is a self-taught system admin who currently works for an online
entertainment company. Enjoys dabbling with operatings systems but primarily
runs BSD and Linux.

==SSH Tricks! by Mike Liguit==

rsh and rlogin, non­encrypted applications for remote shell logins,
like telnet, are now outdated and insecure to use. The SSH protocol suite,
however, is a network connectivity tool which encrypts all traffic 
passwords) to effectively eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking,
and other network ­level attacks. OpenSSH is the most common free version of
SSH and is virtually available on all Unix­-like operating systems. And
incidentally, OpenSSH provides not only secure remote logins, but loads of
tricks useful for squeezing the most power out of SSH!

Mike Liguit is currently the Chief Technical Officer of Cerberus
Technologies and Lead Technical Consultant for 8 Layer Technologies, Inc.,
companies which focuses mainly on network security and free and open source
software (FOSS). As a former board member of the Philippine Linux Users’
Group, he has conducted seminars on Linux and FOSS on various universities
around the Philippines, most recently in Cagayan State University in the 
of Tuguegarao. He’s also a part­time Linux instructor at Global Knowlede
gAssociates and occasionally, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

For information and widest dissemination.

Paolo Alexis Falcone
Secretary, FY 2005-2006
Philippine Linux Users' Group Inc.

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