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Ariel Alvarez Baranda


Alriel A. Baranda was apprehended around 2:15 p.m. yesterday, 9 January at the JGSOM faculty parking for stealing a coed's Nokia N90 cell phone.  


The suspect introduced himself to the faculty as a former student and got permission to sit in a Theo 141 class.  The suspect introduced himself before the class and claimed to be a son of former Senator Heherson Alvarez.  He said that he was offering Ateneo Law School scholarships.  He befriended students in the class and managed to borrow cell phones (Nokia 6680 and N90) from coeds, claiming that his phone was "low bat".  He had his own SIM card and sent an sms using the coed's phone.  He initially used a coed's Nokia 6680 outside the classroom but left behind a bag and folder in the classroom.  


Then the suspect borrowed another coed's cell phone, a more expensive Nokia N90 to use.  By then,  Jarrel P. Mallari, 4BS CS LS student recognized the suspect as the same person who stole a cell phone last year.  Mr. Mallari informed Benjamin (BJ) R. Umali, 4BS Mgt of his suspicion.  By then the  suspect had managed to bring the coed's Nokia N90 out of the classroom and the building.  The robbery was foiled only because BJ Umali had the presence of mind to pursue the suspect and retrieve the cell phone outside the JGSOM building in the presence of a security guard and LS maintenance personnel.    


The suspect was brought to the Security Office.  He was further identified by a LS maintenance personnel as the same person who stole a graduate student's Nokia 3100 last 17 August 2005 in the Instituto De Cervantes class.  


Back then, the suspect introduced himself to the faculty as a former student and a lawyer.  He identified himself as Atty. Ariel Alvarez of 12 Mercedes Street, White Plains, Quezon City.  He claimed to be an Administrative Officer in Malacanang and the lawyer of Congressman Iggy Arroyo. He told the faculty that he was waiting for a consultant and even offered a consultancy job to the faculty.


The suspect joined the class for a full 45 minutes.  He then borrowed a coed's cell phone allegedly to order food for the whole class.  Then he walked away with the cell phone.  


  Click here to view picture http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/sb100106.htm


Based on an outdated 18 January 2002 NBI clearance he was carrying, the suspect is 32 years and residing at 314 Valencia St., Sta. Mesa, Manila.  He is about 5'7" and weighs 128 lbs.  He admits to stealing several cell phones on three occasions on campus.  He has been turned over to the PNP Precinct 9 for record purposes.  


The community is cautioned to be wary of imposters and to be on the look out for smooth-talking con artists.  If this person is seen on campus, please notify security immediately.





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