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Thu Jan 5 12:18:42 PHT 2006

TO    All Concerned

FROM  Esther M. Pacheco
ON    Katipunan Footbridge:Update


FEARING that the allotment for the footbridge scheduled in 2005
would somehow disappear at the end of the fiscal year in December,
a group of us representing the Ateneo, Miriam College, and the 
homeowneer associations in Barangay Loyola Heights trooped to
City Hall not long before the Christmas break.

We were referred to the City Engineer's Office, which is supposed
to be on top of all building projects of the city. To our great
relief, we were assured that the funds for our Katipunan Footbridge
were COMMITTED FUNDS approved by the Mayor for this piority project,
were therefore intact, and could not be used for any other purpose. 
We were informed,furthermore, by Chief of Planning and Programming
Division Sabina Santos, that Project Katipunan Footbridge would be 
scheduled for bidding and publication in early 2006 (slots for bidding
in 2005 were all taken up by projects approved even earlier than the 
Katipunan Footbridge Project!)

We are to expect bidding and publication to be done first quarter of 
this new year, and the bridge to be put up in March-July. 

NOW, THE MONITORING BEGINS ANEW! I ask that as many as possible among
us continue to call, write, fax and get updates from City Hall (In a
big meeting a few months ago with Q.C. subdivision officers, City Hall 
assured us that only those complaints,inquiries,requests,recommendations
that are repeatedly followed up get effective City Hall attention--the
rationale being one who gives up at first or second try is really not
interested in his/her case!)

SO, THERE, FOLKS! If we really want that footbridge, let's do those calls
without let-up! 

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