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Scholar sees teleportation  being put to practical use*
By Niña Terol
The Manila Times, December 25,2005

If she could have it her way, Christel Ann Fitero would be transporting
people to different places in a snap---literally. For this Electronics and
Communications Engineering sopho­more, teleportation may soon be more than
just a figment of our collective imagination.

"[Teleportation] will deliver people to different places [in] an instant,"
Christel's eyes sparkle and her lips curl into an almost naughty grin as
she imagines the possibilities. "It will definitely [lessen] the traffic
jams we have in our country, and it will assure us of our safety and make
traveling a lot easier and less time-consuming."

"We live in a world na mabilisan [fast-paced].

We want everything in an instant; teleportation can be our aid to that."

A fan of the Matrix trilogy, this 18-year-old gets tickled at the thought
that anything is possible. She admits that although she has yet to stumble
upon a solid basis for tele­portation, whatever she has read on Quantum
Physics so far is leading her to believe that this kind of
technology---as mystical and as supernatural as it may seem---is feasible

*Anything is possible *

Christel herself has proved that dreams can come true, and that
determination, perseverance---and imagination---can take us to places
we've only imagined before. Although she has already had the inclination
for Math and for "stuff na medyo mabu­tingting" (stuff that requires
meticulous handiwork), she never really thought that she would make it to
one of the toughest courses at the Ateneo de Manila University---and as a
scholar at that.

Besides the science-loving genes that she seems to have inherited from her
family (her elder siblings, Adelaide and Lloyd Frances, graduated from
computer courses, and her youngest brother, Kenneth Carlo, is a nursing
freshman), Christel credits her experience with Pathways to Higher
Education as the key that unlocked a world of possibilities for her.

Pathways to Higher Education is an education development program,
established at the Ateneo de Manila University in 2002, that equips
students with the skills and the competence they would need to get a good
college education.

About her Pathways experience, Christel shares: "I've learned how to
appreciate life even more because I saw that somehow [I was] fortunate
enough to be able to study at Ateneo . . . Pathways has been the door for
me to enter Ateneo, giving my family fewer expenses since I am a scholar
. . .
I really am thankful for all the blessings that God has given me."

*A simple smile is all it takes *

As lofty as her scientific goals may be, Christel keeps her feet on the
ground. Amid all the glitz and gadgetry of the high-tech world, what she
loves best are simple joys.

"Mababaw lang [ang] kaligayahan ko. Anything [that's funny] can make me
laugh. More often than not, I'm always accused of being corny. I laugh at
the corniest jokes," she admits.

Christel's involvement with Pathways allows her to do just that. Besides
being a scholar, she also helps other students cope with the rigors of
academic life by giving Math tutorials.

*Not just "world peace" *

While she has the frame and the demeanor to be crowned "Miss
Congeniality," Christel won't just tell you that she wishes for "world

"[My greatest dream for myself is to] be able to touch someone's life and
create a change, even if it is not as great as world peace," she chuckles

"For my family, I just wish that they will always be happy and content;
[that they will] continue learning how to truly love and forgive so that
they will be able to accept themselves and others as well.

Her dream for mankind? "I wish it the knowledge that will guide it through
its voyage toward innovations."

*Pathways to Higher Education is based at Ateneo de Manila University and
has been helping young students like Christel reach greater heights. Get
to know about Pathways' ground­breaking programs by calling 426-6001
locals 4045 to 4049, by sending an e-mail to pathways at admu.edu.ph or by
texting 0920-9508171. *

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