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To Whom It May Concern:

Kindly post for the Ateneo community and alumni.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Dear friends of JVP in the Ateneo community,

*Our hope lies in memory.                                                 *

In my e-mail to you when I came in as Executive Director last May 2004, I
wrote that it was a tearful goodbye with Justice Puno, my former boss, when
I resigned from the Supreme Court.   In my farewell and thank you letter to
him, I said that we would be working on different fronts now, but would
still be animated by the same Hope and moving towards one direction.

Now, I go back to work with Chief Justice Puno on constitutional issues at
this time that the Supreme Court faces enormous challenges in the political
and constitutional life of our country.   I beg for your prayers to guide
this institution which plays a decisive role in this segment of our history.
The tables have turned and now I say to you that while we will be working on
different fronts now, we will still be animated by the same Hope and moving
towards one direction.

I thank you from the depths of my heart for the opportunity to work with the
Ateneo during my term of service in JVP.   It has been two and a half years
of a love story.  What I mentioned in my May 2004 message when I started
remains true now that I leave:  "In the end, and in fact in the beginning
and in between, what has often been said of JVP work and life is true: what
is important is that one has loved – one's self, neighbor, country and God.
God the Son entered the world and loved in the concrete.  He healed, taught,
and lived and worked among the people in the society of His time.   Love
always looks after the good of the beloved.  And so we are impelled to help
ourselves, to improve lives, to form communities, and thus help develop our
country."   I have loved and served JVP to the fullest of my ability and in
the best way I could live out its principles and values for it to promote
its mission of loving excellently in serving God, neighbor and country.   I
am deeply thankful to all who have helped me serve JVP.

Much has been studied, prayed about, discerned upon, decided, worked on or
started in the past two and a half years for the growth of JVP in its
mission.   Much also remains to be continued including galvanizing the new
JVP structure, systems, and Padagos part-time volunteer program, forging
strategic partnerships, increasing impact, achieving financial
sustainability, among other things.   My prayers are with Edlyn Kalman, the
new Executive Director, as she works with the National Office team, the
whole JVP Foundation and the Ateneo community.

In the first Simbang Gabi last Friday, I was struck by the insight shared in
the homily that our hope lies in a memory: the memory of Christ our Savior
in the manger and Christ the Redeemer on the cross and resurrected.   It was
because of these events that we remember - when God entered the world - that
we can hope in salvation.  It is this Hope that animates us and binds us
together as we work on different fronts for a better life for our brother
and sister Filipinos in need.   I remember the end of my introductory letter
two and a half years ago: "A little yeast works through the whole dough.   We
can hope even just a little and love much.  Then in faith we can say that
the Ateneo and JVP are not only contributing to nation-building but helping
build God's Kingdom on earth."

My memory of my stay in JVP and working with Ateneo is a memory of people
partaking of God's work of salvation through love and service.   I am
eternally grateful to you for this memory that reminds me to hope and
continue my journey which is not without difficulties.  We are all
companions in this journey of salvation.   In the end, I remember the letter
to me of one of the volunteers of a batch I handled: "Salamat sa pagiging
inspirasyon sa akin – inspirasyon sa pagbibigay, pagdarasal,
pagmamahal.   Thank
you for being someone I can look up to but at the same time being someone I
could walk with as a friend…I love you."  It very much speaks of what is in
my heart now as I leave JVP and Ateneo.   Maraming salamat sa inyo sa
pagiging inspirasyon at paalala sa akin na patuloy na umasa at
magmahal.  Maraming
salamat sa pagiging mga kasama sa paglalakbay, kaibigan at minamahal kay

A happy and hopeful Christmas to everyone!:)

In Christ,

Jo Maribojoc

Former Executive Director

Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Foundation Inc.
3/F Bellarmine Hall, Ateneo de Manila University
Tel Nos. (02) 426-6001 loc 4880, (02) 927-9060
Telefax  (02) 4265908
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