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Those who might be left behind
Every week, we meet some very brave and loving parents, students,
faculty, and staff who come to the Annual Fund office for help. 
Here are some of their real stories.
 Your gifts to the Annual Fund mean that we can help them get through
tough times.
“I’m sorry, but your son’s card is with the Registrar.”
The teacher didn’t have to tell him why.  The GS father knew. 
The teacher was just as embarrassed as he was, so he tried to find some
simple, less humiliating explanation why his son’s tuition was still
He hated to go to the PTCs knowing he would have to walk out with no
card, wondering if other parents had noticed, scared that they knew. He
died inside a little each time.
April was worse. Two sons, two initial payments, almost P55,000 all at
For a long time, it was not a problem but one year, three major
disasters hit them and their savings evaporated. 
First, the car died, then the aircon, then the ref. 
The aircon could wait but the car and the ref took a major chunk leaving
him P20,000 short.
This felt like the biggest sum in the world. 
When the day to pay arrived, He ended up outside the Registrar’s office
with two co-workers together trying to figure out what to do about their
tuition! Their problems were far worse! One had a wife in weekly
dialysis after two failed kidney transplants. The other had five kids in
the Ateneo! 
In the End We Got Through
In the end, they all got through. He was able to borrow money.  His
friends found help through promissory notes. In time, the arrears were
paid. Yet the embarrassment and the fear really hurt.
That was two years ago. Since then the economy has worsened for parents,
especially those with kids in several schools. More and more parents are
forced to consider moving to cheaper schools, even public schools.
As a result, Fr. Nebres, the President of the Ateneo, established the
Ateneo Annual Fund to help parents and students finish their Ateneo
Since then, GS and HS and LS parents have been seeking help from the
Annual Fund. The reasons are heart breaking – serious illness or death
of a spouse or child, foreclosure of the family home, collapse of a
family business, pre-need firm failures, downsizing, prolonged
Losing Some of Our Best
It is seems we are about to lose some of our best students. 
One engineer in his late fifties was downsized three years ago and has
been severely under employed ever since. His wife tried selling
insurance part-time but now works in a call center. Like other engineer
parents applying to the AF, he has discovered that younger graduates get
the jobs first. Nonetheless, he is grateful that his kids do well in
school. His daughter in Miriam is on full scholarship while his GS son
has made consistent honors, although he did not qualify for a
scholarship this year. His middle son graduated with honors from the GS
but, to save money, they placed him in a Science HS where he is
regularly garnering honors.
In another GS family, the father is employed full-time but a collapsed
entrepreneurial venture has caused them to owe over half a million in
debts. The interest alone is strangling them. Fortunately, their GS and
HS sons were given partial scholarships. Yet for them, the future is
very bleak.
One family lost their entire sewing business in a major fire. Although
insurance replaced some of their machines, contract penalties were heavy
and they were never able to regain their larger contracts. To survive,
they had to sell the remaining machines. Now, they run five sewing
machines in their house doing contract work, making only P5.00 per shirt
they make. 
The Good News
The good news is that Ateneo has many solutions available such as
promissory notes and limited financial aid for enrolled students. When a
parent experiencing serious short term financial problems comes for
help, we first look to these options for immediate help. 
When all other solutions have been exhausted, such as when scholarships
have already been given out or when arrears are too large to handle with
promissory notes, then parents can apply for AF tuition assistance.  For
these cases, we can arrange short-term zero-interest loans, payable in
six months to two years.
The success of the Annual Fund is wholly dependent on the loving
generosity of people like you and me. We need the help of everyone in
the Ateneo, including parents, students, faculty, staff, and alumni. 
Our target is at least P10 million so we can grant aid to as many
deserving students as possible. 
The Annual Fund can only help if those who can afford to give, decide
today to share their blessings. Real help can come from small, regular
gifts from many people!
The Ateneo Annual Fund (AAF) ultimate goal is that No One Is Left
Behind. We have been able to help students in all the units, but the
need has grown faster than the donations! 
Remember that giving the cost of a bottle of C2 or cup of coffee once a
week for a year is already P1,000. If we all could give a small amount
regularly, it adds up very fast. The help we give today may save a
future leader tomorrow – No One Left behind.
Please consider making a small regular gift to the Ateneo Annual Fund,
through cash, check, credit card, or salary deduction in person or
through any University Cashier’s Office. 
For more information on how you can help or if you need help, please
contact Chris Peabody at +62908222935 or 429-6001 local 4098 or email
HYPERLINK "mailto:cpeabody at ateneo.edu"cpeabody at ateneo.edu or visit
HYPERLINK "http://www.ateneo.edu/giving"www.ateneo.edu/giving.
We Have All Been So Blessed, Time to Pass the Blessings On. 

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