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Monday, 11 December 2006


COMMUNICATION:  The PABX was down last Monday, 20 November for two hours affecting twenty outgoing trunklines.  A similar problem occurred last Tuesday, 5 December at 4:00 p.m. when thirty incoming trunk lines were down until 11:30 a.m. the following day.  No incoming calls could be received then.  PLDT and University Physical Plant personnel have solved the line and equipment problems.    


WATER:  Samples from 23 cisterns and 21 overhead tanks in the Loyola Heights, APS-Rockwell and APS-Salcedo facilities are being analyzed for the 3rd quarter potability tests.  Results will be released next week.  Cisterns and overhead tanks containing samples that do not meet the standard will be done before classes resume in January 2007.


SECURITY:  Since Wednesday, 6 December, security lights in all carparks have been turned-on at 5:30 p.m. to improve security on campus.


The incidence of losses increased in the last two weeks.  Reports of lost cellular phones and wallets have increased in the dorms.  In reported cases, the items were left in unlocked rooms.  Similar reports involved personal belongings left unattended on benches near the football fields while the owners played football.  Carelessness remains the main cause of losses on campus.     


Conmen victimized a freshman near the Katipunan MRT station last Tuesday, 5 December.  Two men approached the student and accused him of an alleged offence against a fraternity member.  The student of course denied the charge and willingly accompanied the men to face his accuser.  The conmen's modus operandi was to isolate him so he could be robbed.   The student lost his cellular phone, iPod, and cash.  The community is warned not to fall for this trick.


MIRIAM-ATENEO FRIENDSHIP BRIDGE:  Miriam students are already using the Friendship Bridge early this morning.  The bridge was completed last Sunday, 10 December a week and a half ahead of schedule.

click here to view picture  http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/sitrep111206.htm

Left:  Completed Friendship bridge seen from Ateneo campus and the two Ateneo pedestrian gates indicated by the yellow arrow.

Middle:   Bridge seen from Miriam campus and the pedestrian gate of Miriam to Katipunan.

Right:  Yellow arrow points to boundary between Ateneo and Miriam College.  Note that half of the concrete railing is painted blue and the other Miriam green.

TRAFFIC:  Campus traffic will continue to be unusually heavy this week due to the Grade School's early dismissal on Monday and Tuesday and the activities scheduled in the different units.  The community is advised to make alternative arrangements to avoid peak periods.


A tricycle drop-off point near the Gate 3.5 pedestrian footbridge is being considered for next year.  This scheme will allow tricycles to ferry passengers to the footbridge without leaving the campus.  At the moment it is very difficult for tricycles to get back on campus after taking a passenger to the footbridge as they have to turn around Katipunan and enter the campus again.  A temporary road for tricycles only will have to be constructed, so there will be no counter-flow at the auxiliary road.  This road will lead to the Northwest carpark.

click here to view picture  http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/sitrep111206.htm

Left:  Arrow pointing to motorcycle is the proposed tricycle drop-off point.

Right:  Arrow points to possible tricycle route to Northwest carpark.


CHRISTMAS PARTY:  The University Physical Plant-Loyola Heights personnel decided to cancel their annual Christmas party in order to donate the funds to the Bicol and Marinduque typhoon victims.     






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