[Blueboard] Katipunan Bridge and Stalls

Esther Pacheco empachec at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 08:28:54 PHT 2006

10 December 2006

To      All  Stakeholders
>From  Esther M Pacheco
On     The stalls at Katipunan Bridge

Last Monday a group of us met with the mayor regarding our concern of
caused by the stalls at the foot of the bridge on the barangay side.

He says, YES, definitely the stalls should go. But he asks not just yet
(some strong lobbyists for the stalls, we understand, must have to be dealt
with). But Mr. Sabalza of the Department of  Public Order and Safety (DPOS)
assured us in a letter that the stalls will be gone after the Christmas
season: On 7 January 2007, the sidewalk there shall be clean of stalls!

So, let's all be assured in this season of grace that we shall receive that
gift of an obstruction-free bridge landing on the feast of the Magi! A
blessed Christmas to all!
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