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* * * Science is intimately integrated with the whole social structure and
cultural tradition. They mutually support one other---only in certain types of
society can science flourish, and conversely without a continuous and healthy
development and application of science such a society cannot function properly.
                                   -- Talcott Parsons (1902--1979), sociologist.
The Social System, ch. 8 (1951).

                      The Science and Society Plenary Series
                                     and the
                         School of Science and Engineering

                                  invite you to

                            " LIVING WITH TECHNOLOGY "

                                  a lecture by

                          Ma. Assunta C. Cuyegkeng, PhD
                             Department of Chemistry /
                               VP, Loyola Schools

                              Escaler Lecture Hall
                            Science Education Complex
                           Wednesday, 13 December 2006
                               830am, 930am, 130pm

" Science is wonderfully equipped to answer the question "How?" but it gets
terribly confused when you ask the question "Why?" "
                                     - Erwin Chargaff (1905-2002). Biochemist
who contributed significantly, with his Chagraff's rules, to the discovery of
the DNA structure.

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