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SLB's Letter to the Members of the House of Representatives


We would like to raise our concern about the moves in the House of Representatives to amend the constitution through a constituent assembly. We all believe that the current situation necessitates change and we appreciate the effort of your institution to find solutions to address these problems, albeit we do not agree with the manner through which the House seeks to correct the ills of our society through a constituent assembly. What worries us further is that the process you are currently undertaking excludes the Senate. 


Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, the president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines described the current move in the House of Representatives as "fraudulently illegitimate and scandalously immoral" and "perceivably self-serving." The bishop further stated that "graft and corruption cannot be committed by Constitution" and that instead of the fundamental law of the land, "it is the people who are guilty of graft and corruption who need to change." We share the same sentiments with the Bishops and the Filipino people.


We firmly believe that finding solutions to our problems merits an inclusive and widespread dialogue and a well discerned action respectful of the different democratic institutions and constitutionally mandated processes. It is in this light that we stand firm in our conviction as supported by the Pastoral Exhortation of the CBCP that "amending the charter involving changes in the economic provisions and major shifts in the form of government requires widespread participation, total transparency, and rationality that allows for objective discussion and debate".


As an elected representative of the people, we believe that your position regarding the charter change issue must represent the genuine voice of the Filipino people. The latest Social Weather Station and the Ibon Foundation Surveys resonate with the voice of the people about charter change. They do not want charter change right now. At the moment, there are more pressing issues to address. The aftermath of Typhoon Reming is one. Of course, there are the constant malaises rooted in poverty and corruption. 


Heed the people's call. Do not dash our hopes for enlightened politics. Please decide according your conscience. Be with us in defending democracy. Protect our right and desire to vote and dictate the destiny of our much beloved country.


STOP Con-Ass! STOP Cha-Cha! We want to have the May 2007 elections!


Watch and Pray for self-serving representatives.



Manalangin. Manindigan. Makialam.

Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan
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