[Blueboard]"Yayee 3": A Christmas gift - for them?

Gia D. Dumo gdumo at ateneo.edu
Wed Dec 6 14:09:01 PHT 2006

"Yayee 3": A Christmas gift - for them?


You. And your driver. your housemaid . your yaya . maybe . 
Maybe, you sometimes forget them. 
Maybe even ignore them? 

But we owe so much to them.
They are the wind beneath our wings .
Like the poor, they are the beloved of God.

What gift shall we give them for Christmas? 
We have thought of everyone else, except them.

Fr. Juni Jesena (Arsenio Jesena III, SJ) has written a beautiful book in
Visayan for humble people about our humble God. The title is "The
Beggar-God" or, in Visayan, "Yayee 3: Ang Bulinggit nga Diyos." A most
inspiring book of real, touching, healing, forgiving, inspiring,
transforming, modern-day parables.

Please . give "Yayee 3" as your special Christmas gift to your yaya, your
housemaid, your family driver . and your Lola and relatives and friends in
the Visayas and Mindanao.

They need it. They deserve it. And they will thank you forever for it.

"Yayee 3: Ang Bulinggit nga Diyos" is priced at only Php 280 and is
available at Jesuit Communications (Tel. 426-5971), the Jesuit Residence
(Tel. 426-5941) and the LS Bookstore at the MVP Center for Student
Leadership (Tel. 426-2915).

Get a copy now and give true joy this Christmas!

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