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F Y   2007 - 2008



Date                            Day                 Unit                                                                 Time


December 7                  Thursday          Briefing                                                           9:00a.m.                                                                                                            University Physical Plant                                  10:00a.m.

                                                            (Loyola, Rockwell & Salcedo)

University Athletics                                          1:30p.m.   


January 16        Tuesday                        Short Meeting                                                   9:00a.m.

                                                            Central Accounting Office                                10:00a.m.

                                                            Campus Network Group                                   11:00a.m.

Personnel Office                                                1:30p.m.

January 18        Thursday                      Grade School                                                     9:30a.m.

                                                            University Archives                                          11:00a.m.

                                                            Residence Halls                                                1:30p.m.

January 23        Tuesday                        High School                                                      9:00a.m.

Rizal Library                                                   10:30a.m.

Art Gallery                                                        1:30p.m.

January 25        Thursday                      Loyola Schools                                                  9:30a.m.

                                                            Office of Univ. Dev't & Alumni Relations         11:00a.m.

                                                            Basic Education                                                1:30p.m.

January 30        Tuesday                        Law School                                                       9:30a.m.

                                                            University Press                                                10:30a.m.

ACESS                                                             1:00p.m.

February 8        Thursday                      School of Government                                        9:30a.m.

                                                            Academic Vice President/OIP                          10:30a.m.

                                                            Graduate School of Business                               1:30p.m.

February 13      Tuesday                        Central Purchasing Office                                 9:30a.m.

                                                            OMIOD                                                          10:30a.m.

APS Library                                                     1:30p.m.

February 15      Thursday                      Church of Gesu                                                 10:30a.m.

                                                            J. Pollock Center

                                                            Social Development Center

                                                            Alingal Hall

                                                            Irwin Theater 

                                                            President's Office                                             11:30a.m.

VP for Finance &Treasurer                                1:30p.m.

                                                            General Administration                                       2:00p.m.           

February 20      Tuesday                        Inspection Tour                                                  9:30a.m.

                                                            Review of Proposed Major Improvements

                                                            Review of Proposed New Positions                     1:30p.m.           

March 1            Thursday                      Final Meeting                                                   10:30a.m.



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