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Tuesday, 29 August 2006


SECURITY:  Losses on campus are not always reported.  Based on the records of security, there are more items found and returned to owners than there are items lost but not reported as shown in the record below:


     Reported Lost Items
     Recovered & Returned
      August (as of 26 August)

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The bags and their contents were reported lost last Wednesday evening, 23 August while unattended on top of one of the benches at Kostka Hall.  The bags were found by the janitor on Friday morning, 25 August inside the bundy clock cubicle in the 2nd floor of Xavier Hall.  Apparently the thief just took the wallet and discarded the other items.  

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Two laptops shown above were recovered Friday night, 25 August at the MVP Center.  Security expected the owners to look for them immediately.  This was not the case.  The owner of one of the laptops came looking for it only late in the afternoon of Monday, 28 August.   The other laptop remains unclaimed as of this writing.    


A set of car keys were found last 18 August in the college complex.  As of this writing, the car keys remain unclaimed.  It is interesting to speculate how the owner managed to operate his or her car without the keys.  


LS ID Check:  There were two cases in the last two weeks where non-Ateneo students entered the campus and started a fight with Ateneo students.  Security has been on the lookout for students who may create trouble for Ateneo students.  This task has not been made easy because several Ateneo students cover up for outsiders and even lend them their ID so they can roam the campus.  The LS community is requested to assist security in protecting them from intruders.    


TRAFFIC:  MMDA personnel have been issuing tickets and calling tow-trucks to remove vehicles parked on Katipunan between Gate 1 and Gate 2.  Affected are Grade School vehicles loading & unloading students in the area.  These vehicles are advised to load and unload passengers on campus and not block traffic on Katipunan so they will not be pursued by MMDA personnel.  


The Grade School administration has instituted a new traffic scheme in the Grade School lane to improve traffic flow early in the morning and during dismissal time.  It is currently under observation but initial feedback is favorable.

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The lane separators for loading and unloading areas B and C, viewed from the West or looking towards the Grade School complex.


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The Grade School Lane with the lane separators viewed from the East or Irwin Theatre.


Pedestrian footbridge update:  The contractor of the footbridge promised to send a revised work schedule today.  This will be published separately.


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The reconstructed footbridge center island pedestals being prepared for concrete pouring on Saturday morning, 26 August.


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Concrete being poured in the pedestal forms on Saturday afternoon, 26 August.


PARKING:  Given the propensity of students to park near the diversion road from Gate 2 to Gate 3, improvements were made in the area.  To stabilize the area, base coarse was placed in the area and compacted.  Then parking barriers were placed to guide vehicles to park properly.

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DROP OFF & PICK-UP POINTS:  Campus traffic has been adversely affected by vehicles picking up students in the Loyola Schools complex in front of Xavier Hall.  Options are now being considered to improve the pick-up points in the Gonzaga parking and the Central Carpark near the Matteo Ricci Hall.  Additional information regarding this will be released later this week.


DENGUE PRECAUTION:  As a precaution, a campus wide anti-dengue fumigation  was conducted on campus last Monday, 21 August.  It was the best time to do it as it was a holiday.





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