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Kritika Kultura and
the Department of English

invite you to a lecture by



Savage Representations in the Academy:
Liberal Ideology and the Impossibility of Nativist Longing

1 September 2006
Friday, 4:30-6:00 p.m.
Science Education Complex Lecture Hall #3
Ateneo de Manila University

This paper takes off from the insight of Native American historian,
Richard Morris, in his article "Educating Savages," that assimilation can
so effectively conform its indigenous subjects to dominant paradigms that
the newly minted native subjectivities cannot help but be complicit with
the colonial impulse, even in the moment of learning the truth of one's
indigenous history.  While such a realization may occasion curiosity and
even a sense of loss, longing (for that lost lifeway), says Morris, is
impossible.  In probing the anatomy of this incapacity, the paper will
focus its examination on the way liberal educational processes
unwittingly undermine and ultimately decimate majority cultures in the
world (or the cultures of the Two-Thirds World) by means of the
development narrative embedded in the modern ideology of progress.  As
counterpoint to this overwhelmingly potent academic mystification,
anthropological and environmental literature will be solicited to
construct a "return gaze of the primitive" on modernity's epistemic
violence and track a different possible future for a species now
ironically "developed" to the very edge of self-annihilation. "Longing"
for the deep past of the species still extant in the codes of
fast-disappearing hunter-gatherer practices will supply the deep memory
from which to interrogate the present radically and imagine the
species-being differently. (excerpts of a film will be screened)

S. Lily Mendoza is Associate Professor of Culture and Communication at the
University of Denver, Colorado, USA, and holds the PhD in Intercultural
Communication from Arizona State University. She is the author of the
pathbreaking book "Between the Homeland and the Diaspora: The Politics of
Theorizing Filipino and Filipino American Identities" (Routledge, 2002;
UST Publishing House reprint edition, 2006) and many articles on
intercultural translation, Filipino American community and cultural
politics, and critical theorizing. Dr. Mendoza currently serves as the
Director of Graduate Studies at DU.

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