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Topic:  "La Revolucion Filipina in the Age of Empire"
Presenter:  Oscar Campomanes
Monday, 14 August,  4:30 - 6:00
Social Science Conference Rooms 1 & 2.

ABSTRACT:  A close reading of Apolinario Mabini's "Cual es la Verdadera
Mision de la Revolucion Filipina" (The True Mandate of the Philippine
Revolution, 1899) and his extended account of the "rise and fall" of the
Philippine Revolution, "Cricia Sentetica de la Revolucion" (A General
Critique of the Revolution, ca. 1902), both published in La Revolucion
Filipina, Vol. 2 (1931-1902).  The paper endeavors to show that, in these
essays, Mabini fashioned a nascent theory of American imperial geopolitics
and pragmatics to explain the zero-sum investment developed by the U.S. in
the containment and defeat of the Philippine Revolution, and in the making
of its trans-Pacific empire which was to make of this revolution that
empire's first and most central casualty.  Although typically read as and
for its damning critiques of the weaknesses or handicaps besetting the
revolution and characterizing Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo's leadership, La
Revolucion Filipina, the paper agues, is much more valuable for its
prescient foresight on and critical precautions against a future
Asia-Pacific constellated and traversed by American empire-building and
pragmatic geopolitics.

OSCAR CAMPOMANES is Assistant Professor of English at AdMU Ph.D. Candidate
in American Civilization at Brown University. He has edited (with Ma.
Antoinette Virtucio) Culture and Governance (Pasig NCR, 2004). Among his
publications are "1896 and the Nature of the New Empire," Radical History
Review 73 (Fall 1999):130-146, and "Filipinos in the United States and
Their Literature of Exile," in Reading the Literatures of Asian America,
ed. Shirley Lim and Amy Lim (Philadelphia, 1992).

Associate Professor
Chair, Department of English, School of Humanities
Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights 1108, Quezon City, Philippines
Tele-fax (632)426-6120

"Blossoms are scattered by
the wind and the wind cares
nothing, but the blossoms
of the heart no wind can touch."
	-Yoshida Kenko


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