[Blueboard] John F. Hurley, SJ: Wartime Superior in the Philippines, annotated by Father Jose S. Arcilla, SJ

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Thu Aug 10 10:47:17 PHT 2006

 Father Jose S. Arcilla, SJ, professor of the Department of History 
of the Ateneo de Manila University and archivist of the Jesuit Archives 
will speak on the memoirs of Father John F. Hurley, Superior of the Society of Jesus in the Philippines during World War II, on Monday, August 14, 2006, 4.30 to 6 pm, at the Case Study Room, 1F Social Sciences Bldg. of ADMU, across Rizal Library. 
  Dr. Ricardo T. Jose, professor of the Department of History of the University of the
Philippines, is discussant. Father Jaime Bulatao, SJ, professor of
ADMU’s Psychology Department will share some of his reminiscences 
as a young Jesuit during the war.

Father Hurley is remembered as a physically imposing man whose
charisma and deep spirituality attracted many to join the Society. 
His brand of leadership, optimism, and courage soon caused him to be 
called “Father Mercy,” as he emerged as a “tower of strength” during
these difficult years.

As Father Francis Curran writes in the foreword: “Not only did he
inspire the brethren of his own religious Order, but he also 
assisted, encouraged, and influenced prelates, priests, brothers, and sisters 
of the Philippine Catholic Church in the Herculean task of rebuilding 
the nation. He took immense risks and spent huge sums of borrowed money 
to succor the sick and starving prisoners of war, internees, and 
fugitives hiding in the boondocks of Luzon. As he himself had reason to know, 
his chances of coming out alive were minimal.”

Father Arcilla’s painstaking work to make this memoir available 
to today’s readers brings to fruition the persistent efforts of Father
Hurley’s superiors and contemporaries who had urged him to put on
record his recollection of years of trial and torment and eventual
triumph, not only for the benefit of historians and the Jesuit
community, but especially  students, researchers and the general 
public who would otherwise have no access to such materials.

The lecture-discussion is presented in cooperation with the
Ateneo’s Department of History. The book John F. Hurley, SJ: 
Wartime Superior in the Philippines, is published by the Ateneo de Manila University Press, and will be available during the lecture at a 
special discounted price. The book’s table of contents may be viewed at

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