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The Department of English, Ateneo de Manila University, welcomes
applicants to its new Ph.D. program:  DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY in ENGLISH
LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE.  The program opens in Second Semester SY


The Ph.D. in English Language and Literature is a program that brings
together teachers and scholars working on important overlapping areas of
inquiry on pedagogical and interpretive approaches to language and
literary studies.  In teaching and language practices, the
emphasis is on critical literacy and citizenship; in scholarship, the
emphasis is on interpretative approaches.  Focus is on the
literary/cultural and language/linguistic frames in which specific
scholarly and pedagogical practices become intelligible as acts with
larger socio-political and intellectual implications especially for
Philippine or other Asian contexts.


1.	To advance the understanding of the role of English language and
literature in society, with particular attention to its implications for
multilingual and multi-cultural settings.

2.	To engage in a critical review of issues, options, and developments
informing the study and teaching of language and literature.

3.	To contribute to the development of ideas and scholarship in English
language and literary studies in the Philippines and in other parts of
Asia in view of comparative cultural contexts.


The Ph.D. in ELL has 42 credit units (18 units core courses; 12 units free
electives or cognate courses; 12 units dissertation).

ELL 301:  Scholarly Methods	        			6 units
ELL 302:  Interdisciplinary Concepts & Procedures   		6 units
ELL 303:  Description(s) of English	       			3 units
ELL 304:  Literary and Cultural Theories	       		3 units

ELL 310:  Researching Language Learning & Pedagogy
ELL 311:  Program Management & Teacher Development Issues
ELL 312:  Language Program Planning & Policy Making
ELL 313:  Trends and Issues in Composition Studies & Pedagogy
ELL 314:  Literature and Language Teaching
ELL 320:  Narrative Theory
ELL 321:  Narratives of Nationalism
ELL 322:  World Fiction
ELL 323:  Ethnopoetics
ELL 324:  Social Thought & Philippine Literature
ELL 325:  Constructs of Identity in Asian Literature


1.  Information on admission requirements and admission procedures can be
obtained from the Office of Graduate Services [Dr. Norman Quimpo,
Director] at the following address:

Office of Graduate Services
Room X100, Ground Floor, Xavier Hall
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, 1108 Quezon City, Philippines
Tel No. : 426-6001 loc. 5141-5142
Fax No. : 426-5937
E-mail Address: grad at admu.edu.ph

2.  The information can also be viewed online from the pulled down menu
under ADMISSIONS at the Ateneo de Manila University website:

3.  The Department of English requires applicants to submit a well-thought
out and well-written statement of purpose which should include the
following information:

a)  why they are applying to the Ph.D. ELL Program in Ateneo de Manila
b)  what use the Ph.D. ELL degree will have in their professional lives
c)  what particular gaps in knowledge they would need guidance early on in
the program
d)  what research interests they might want to pursue

4.  Tertiary level teachers who are Filipino citizens may apply to CHED
for a CHED scholarship for the Ph.D. ELL.  Information on this
scholarship and procedures for application may be obtained from the
Office of Graduate Services at Ateneo de Manila University.

5.  For more information on the Ph.D. ELL Program, applicants should not
hesitate to inquire further from the English Department on the following

Associate Professor
Chair, Department of English, School of Humanities
Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights 1108, Quezon City, Philippines
Tele-fax (632)426-6120

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the wind and the wind cares
nothing, but the blossoms
of the heart no wind can touch."
	-Yoshida Kenko


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