[Blueboard] Philosophy Colloquium on Education and Development

Mariel Ann P. Villanueva mpvillanueva at ateneo.edu
Mon Aug 7 11:19:10 PHT 2006

The Department of Philosophy of the School of Humanities cordially invites
everyone to a discussion of "Whitehead and Nussbaum on Education and
Development" to be led by Mr. Michael Ner E. Mariano.

"Education in the Philippines is currently in a quandary.  The root of the
problem is two-fold: the poor quality of the educational system itself,
and the questionable understanding of the purpose of education that those
within the system possess.  On the one hand, poverty and corruption plague
the Philippine educational system.  On the other hand, the goal of
education in this country is generally unclear: it is usually assumed to
be a tool for economic development.  The over-all development of the
human being is what is forgotten, something about which both Whitehead
and Nussbaum remind us. Whitehead opines that "education is the guidance
of the individual towards a comprehension of the art of life."  Nussbaum
for her part argues that for students to be truly educated they have to
become kosmou polites, or "world citizens."

14 August 2006
Monday, 4:30 p.m.
Escaler Hall

Philosophy Department
Ateneo de Manila University
426-6001 loc.5360/61

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