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Sat Aug 5 16:46:58 PHT 2006

The Department of Environmental Science
Cordially Invites you to a Lecture Presentation on

"Use of Animal Model Biomarkers to Monitor Environmental Health"

By   Ravi Gooneratne BVSc, DipTox. PhD, FRCPath
     Cell Biology Group, Agriculture and Life Sciences Division
     Lincoln University, New Zealand

On Tuesday,  15 August, 10:30 am
at the ES Students' Area, Basement, MO Building


Biomarkers are morphological, biomolecular or biochemical responses
produced by a species in response to cellular damage. A variety of
clinical biomarkers, including well-known liver enzymes such as SGOT,
SGPT and muscle enzyme CPK have been used as diagnostic tools in both
human and animal medicine for many years. However, the environmental
biomarker field is a relatively new one.

Monitoring environmental pollution has gathered momentum in recent years
and will continue to be a growth area in this millennium. Therefore,
there is a great deal of interest in the development of "biomarkers" to
monitor environmental pollution. We have developed and used a range of
environmental "biomarkers" with animal models such as earthworms, aquatic
worms, spiders, and fish to identify environmental pollution and the
health risk posed by chemicals that cause pollution.

This seminar will outline biomarkers in clinical and environmental
toxicology and the role ecotoxicologists could play in developing animal
model  biomarkers to assess environmental pollution and the risk posed by
hazardous chemicals in the environment.

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