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Wednesday, 2 August 2006


POWER:  Monthly power consumption and cost will be provided to the different units so each one can monitor the energy conservation measures instituted.  


COMMUNICATION:  The 13-year old Loyola Heights PABX system will be upgraded.  Three of the seven systems will be replaced to provide more local lines for the Loyola Schools and service units.  The PABX systems of the High School and Grade School will not be replaced but integrated into the new system.


TRAFFIC:  The heavy traffic and gridlock this morning were due to:


  1.. Two accidents along Katipunan.
  2.. Stalled truck at the U-turn.
  3.. Large pot hole at the northbound lane beyond U-turn towards C.P. Garcia.
  4.. Lack of discipline and courtesy among drivers during heavy traffic.

Campus traffic is normally clear at 7:40 a.m.  This morning, it was not until 8:40 a.m. when traffic cleared.  Many High School students were late.  


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Left:  Northbound traffic from the C.P. Garcia U-Turn extending all the way to P. Tuazon St. of the flyover.

Center:  Pot hole beyond the C.P. Garcia U-Turn avoided by vehicles going north.

Right:  Yellow Humvee avoiding deep pothole. 


Tricycles are not allowed along College Lane on weekdays after 7:30 a.m. so as not to disturb classes.


UPCAT is scheduled on 5 & 6 August at UP Diliman.  Traffic is expected to be heavy at the UP campus and vicinity but should not affect traffic along Katipunan.  It is also not expected to affect the graduation ceremonies of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business at the Irwin Theatre on Sunday afternoon, 6 August 2006.


SECURITY:  The community is alerted to a new modus operandi of conmen on campus.  Last week, a man carrying what appeared to be food in a plastic bag went to an office looking for an employee who allegedly ordered food.  Since the employee concerned was not around, officemates offered to pay for the food.  Since they did not have the exact amount, they handed him a large bill.  The conman took the money to have it changed.  He never returned.  


Two teenagers snatched the bag of a student having a midnight snack along Katipunan last Saturday, 29 July.  His companions chased them but failed.  They reported the incident to Barangay Loyola Heights.  Barangay personnel and a policeman managed to get information from the parking boys in the area.  They located one of the thieves at the footbridge on the Ateneo side.  The clutch bag containing a Samsung and Nokia cell phones, Sony digital camera, and wallet was recovered.  The student's cash (P1,000.00) was no longer in the bag.  


Losses on and off campus are largely due to carelessness.  On campus, guards regularly recover backpacks forgotten by students.  In one of the buildings, guards recovered several thousand pesos on the corridor.  Guards also continue to find unlocked cars with laptops and other electronic gadgets inside.  An appeal is being made to the community again to please be vigilant in the custody of your belongings. 


PEDESTRIAN FOOTBRIDGE:  Work is proceeding as scheduled.  Columns on the Ateneo side and on the center island have been erected.  The footbridge is scheduled to be completed on the 18th of August.


  Click here to view   http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/strip020906.htm


COMPOST PIT:  Work on the compost pit (shown below) near the creek separating Miriam College and Ateneo is hampered by the rains.  However, it should be completed in two weeks time. 



 Click here to view   http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/situation_report/strip020906.htm




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